Upcoming Shows

Being a metalhead usually means you attend shows, show off your most badass band merch, and drink beer(if you’re over 21 or at a house show). Luckily for us, metal shows are happening almost every day, so there’s almost always an excuse to brave the hostile yet friendly world of the pit. The following are shows I’m planning on attending in the near future, and as you will see, it’s gonna be quite the undertaking.

April 2: Wormrot, Tombs, Abnormality, Sexcrement, Living Void, and Scaphism at Club Oasis, Worcester, MA

April 16: New England Metal/Hardcore Fest at the Worcester Palladium

April 22: Sepultura, Hate, Neuraxis, Bonded By Blood, and Belphegor, also at the Palladium

April 23: Symphony X, Nevermore, Powerglove, and Blackguard, at the Palladium

April 25: Volbeat, Hourcast, The Damned Things at Paradise Rock Club in Downtown Boston

May 9: Dillinger Esc. Plan and Deftones at The House Of Blues, Boston

May 12: North American Reckoning Tour with Destruction, Heathen, Razormaze, Warbeast, Panzerbastard and Cold Northern Vengeance at The Church, Boston

May 21: Defeated Sanity, Composted, Scalpel, Scaphism, and Dysentery at Gay Gardens, Allston

July 13: Vans Warped Tour 2011 at the Comcast Center in Mansfield

July 22: Rockstar Mayhem Fest also at the Comcast Center

August 31: Kamelot, Alestorm, The (H)Agonist, and Blackguard at the Worcester Palladium

Oh yes, this year just got a whole lot more busy.


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