Manners Are Not Metal

For my third post, since I need to actually keep and maintain this blog, I decided I’d just write about life, since I need to expand past metal once in a while. SATAN.

All that silliness aside, manners are a bit overrated. Sorta like the album whose cover I have as my background. It’s not bad, nor should it be done away with, but it’s given more hype and attention than it deserves, and you can do with a lot less of it than we like to stuff into ourselves.

Now with your favorite part of any blog post: The anecdote. The other day, I was on a rather crowded bus, and needless to say, getting out of a crowded area is gonna require a little bit of contact(at a reasonable force, not an assholic shove). In Europe, people don’t stop to say “excuse me” or “sorry” to everyone they slightly nudge daily. These words are reserved for when the accident could’ve been avoided due to carelessness or a fault on the part of either party. If I’m texting and/or not looking where I’m going, that merits a “sorry” or “excuse me”. If the bus is jam packed, I’m not going to apologize to 5 people for the harmless inevitable bump.

I of course was branded as an asshole for this, with the people grumbling “He didn’t even say excuse me” and such, but I simply smirked to myself, as I usually do, because I’m probably an evil villain, which would explain the preference for black… where was I? Oh yeah, I looked like an asshole because I feel that the rules of modern society are bullshit. Not all of them, of course. We need to keep rapists and murderers at bay somehow. But manners and etiquette aren’t necessary in every facet of today’s life. There are more pressing things to be concerned about, bur of course, we like to get all muffed because someone didn’t pause to waste time and utter an insincere “apology” for our poor egos and the inconsequential actions of those who feel less bound by triviality. Sorry for the rant and partial hypocrisy on my part, what with the picking your battles thing, but I’m a misanthrope to a degree. Let me whine. Fuck.



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