Wormnot & Nails. The xBreakdownx

So, two great shows back to back. Dear lord Vishnu it’s been too long.

NAILS with All Pigs Must Die and New Lows

I could’ve sworn Burning love was gonna be at this show… but oh well. For the sake of brevity and beating the finicky MBTA schedule, I’m sorta glad they didn’t. Now as for the show itself, it was Hahdcoah goodness. Aside from some lags in action, it was a great crowd. New Lows did a lot better than most opening bands, and for those of you who know about the “first band-itis”, it sucks to open a show and be met with a crowd that’s too busy getting sauced or waiting for their favorite to go on. Well New Lows got an enthusiastic response, wall-to-wall action(literally, there were kids opening the pits wall-to-wall). All Pigs Must Die for some reason got shafted, despite coming out the gate with the mighty “Noxchi Assault”. There was a little action here and there, nothing to write home about. But Nails, fuckin’ A. If they don’t release anything other than Unsilent Death, no one will mind, because all they need is 15 minutes to fuck you up.

As for Wormnot(punny phrasing credits go to my pal Wren), it was still a great show. It was basically a local show and Tombs(who formed in Brooklyn), and those are always great, aren’t they? Opener Living Void was quite nice. If you’re a fan of Revocation, their bassist/vocalist is also in that band, providing some backing yelps and occasionally leading yelps, so check ’em out. Scaphism, oh dear lord, Scaphism. Those guys always manage to turn whatever show they play at into a party where rape jokes are acceptable and Star Trek fans are ridiculed. Unless you’re a rape victim or a hardcore sensitive ST fan, you’ll love them. Bunches. Hivesmasher followed. Seriously, I love these guys on record, and I admire their energy, but it usually helps to have songs distinguishable from one another. Walls of noise usually aren’t good crowd movers, but I digress, those guys still rock. Tombs killed my ears, but it was worth it. Fans of any Sludge/Doom band with a melodic edge should put their eardrums on the line for them. And lastly but certainly not shitty, the obsene, the perverse, the family-friendly, the bushy browed, Sexcrement. Like Scaphism, they manage to get the crowd moving without fail, and are incredibly charming.

Pictures courtesy of The Reverend, owner of returntothepit


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