New England Metal And Hahdcoah Fest Day 3

Sweet Buttery Jesus, that was awesome. I was so excited I didn’t even sleep, showered at 5, left my house at 6:15, got to the Palladium at around 9, and got little resting time throughout the day, and am hurting all-the-fuck-over, so I’ll keep this nice and succinct by going over the bands I saw in no distinct order, whether it was one or two songs at the beginning or end of a set or the whole thing.

Hung: Better than expected. They somehow managed to be a highly unique band in the middle of all the experimental/prog bands coming out these days. Maybe it’s the full time electric violinist?

Cephalic Carnage: Insane. The pit was weirdly shaped, with a small oval being for pushers and a large circle behind it being for the karate moshers, but overall, good show by out favorite Hydrogrinders.

Lazarus A.D.: Thrashed my fuckin’ face off, khed. I hit my head on the stage during a crowdsurf, but my sacrifice was honored by nods from the band and congrats from fellow audience members. Shit was fierce.

Pictured: Ouchies

Volumes: Eh… it was aight. I’ll see if they’re better on record, but the two vocalists thing is a bit of a cop-out for having one really good singer, Scar Symmetry notwithstanding.

Times of Grace: Much better than expected. I heard a few songs, Live In Love being my favorite, but they definitely stole the hearts  of the crowd with their soaring sing-alongs. True Love Metal, H.I.M. does not make.

Born Of Osiris: Annoying Hardcore motherfuckers kept taking up too much room, and they played a bit too much new stuff, but at least they played Now Arise, Empires Erased, and Fuckin’ Chow Bow Down, all the audience favorites.

Legion: I liked their synchronized jumps…

Sons Of Aurelius – Walked in just as they were finishing their second to last song… and I was entranced. I saw Cephalic over them, I believe, so I felt it no great loss, having never heard anything by them. But holy merciful Vishnu, I need to check them out.

The Contortionist: Played my 4 favorite songs, as if they had planned the set just for me. Vessel, Contact, Primal Directive, and Oscillator. Fuck yes, perfection. Definitely one of my favorites of the night. I Panteradactyl’d.

3 Inches Of Blood: Last I saw them(at my very first Metal show, no less!), they didn’t play Deadly Sinners, which made me very sad. I missed their set, but walked in just as they were playing it. ZIP ZOP ZOOBITY BOP! ❤

Carnifex: Goddamn, these guys played nothing but songs I liked, they must’ve read my mind too. Shouting along to the samples pretty much made everyone’s night.

Within The Ruins: They suck more live than on CD. If you get a chance and feel masochistic, give any track on Creature a listen. Too much weedly. Live, they decided to absolve themselves of being too technical by making everything into a breakdown… yeah. I was bored nearly to sleep, quite literally, as I hadn’t gotten any rest the night before, so I decided to run upstairs and see…

Last Chance To Reason: I heard these guys are very good, and can rival BtBaM in terms of being a super awesome mishmash of different genres. Escaping The Ruins and going to see the last few songs of these guys was a wise decision. Their live show didn’t give me much indication of how they sound on record, but it’s something good, I know that for sure.

Nails: Even better this time than last, which was damn hard to top. My friends and I broke out our inner Hardcore Dancers (though we’re not  lv. 76 Spinkick Paladins so we managed to not embarrass ourselves), and fuckin’ raged. Someone had the bright idea to bring what looked like a seven year old kid, it seemed. I know it’s all ages, but a child at a Grind/Hardcore band’s set who’s at the perfect height for losing all her baby teeth with a well placed mule kick should probably be on your shoulders or deeper in the crowd… just sayin’.

One of the few moments where I wasn’t chimping out.

The Ocean: I missed Revocation because of them, but leaving in the middle of The Ocean’s set is basically grounds for a beating. These guys are majestic, and live up to their name well. Unparalleled destruction and lucid tranquility all in one. They rock.

Between The Buried And Me: Last, but certainly not least, motherfucker, this band. I’ll try not to get all fanboyish, as they are, without a doubt, the band that literally brought me to tears that night during Selkies. Such beauty. Such scintillating sexiness. And they’re really good. You should see or at least listen to them once in your life. Doesn’t matter what album or song, unless it’s Croakies or Roboturner. AVOID THEM LIKE LEPER BOOGERS. They played a new song, which I don’t know because I haven’t the heart to download their new EP, Sun Of Nothing, Selkies: The Endless Obsession, Fossil Genera – A Feed From Cloud Mountain, and White Walls. Not their very best setlist in my opinion, but the only way it would be perfect would be for them to play every single song they’ve ever released… except Croakies and Roboturner. Those can stay out. I may be Agnostic, and damn near Atheist, but I can honestly say this: Thank God for Between The Buried And Me.

Though if he does exist, this is his most likely appearance.

Later on I’ll edit this post, complete with group pictures of Revocation’s guitarist(s) and vocalist. Until next time, I’ll be recovering from various aches and wounds. Toodles!


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