The Seps Are At It Again!

This was a nice surprise. None of these bands are what I can call “favorites”, though Neuraxis is getting up there, and I wasn’t expecting much from Sepultura, but it was still a crazy good time. So crazy good, I got kneed in the throat! Oh joy. Now for the obligatory run-down.

Neuraxis: Sadly had to miss them at Club Hell, and I wish I didn’t. Mainly because they played Darkness Prevails last time, and I had no such luck this time, but their set was just as fun as I expected. Their guitarist is a really nice guy, but that’s unsurprising, after all, he is Canadian.

Keep Of Kalessin: Woah, people really enjoy their Black/Thrash Metal in Worcester. It got a bit crazier than I had expected, let’s just say. It was more entertaining than I had chalked them up to be, which is always great when you go in assuming they’ll be a bore. They played two songs I knew, and a few others that sounded pretty cool, so I’ll pay more attention to them in the future.

Hate: Sounds exactly like Behemoth, but has less pretentious and overbearing fans. You’ll like them if you’re into Polish brutality. They only played one or two songs that I knew, and I was REALLY disappointed they didn’t play Threnody, but I’ll live.

Belphegor: No songs I knew, but what really made the set was the energy from the crowd and their vocalist’s badass Austrian accent. “Fuck This Place Up” is a Metalcore thing, but I guess Blackened Death Metal fans know how to destroy too.

Sepultura: Played a lot of old stuff, and even some non-sucky new material, which was a pleasant surprise. Troops Of Doom came pretty much out of nowhere, as I had just handwaved the notion that they’d play anything from the spiky logo era. Circlepits every two minutes, monkey dancing, and skanking from Crypter’s vocalist made it a fun way to end the night. Good show you dirty foreigners!

No pictures, I know. Fuck you. Cheers!


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