Arthritis In Dystopia: Holy Grail, Cauldron, and Revocation at the Great Scott

Hot damn, I almost thought this wasn’t gonna own like hell, but it did. I’ll keep this one short.

Revocation: Kicked ass, like they always do. I had a nice talk with their drummer about living in a Black neighborhood, in which I assured him that they won’t attack white boys. Yeah, it happens.

Cauldron: I went in thinking I wouldn’t like them much, I came away proven wrong. Despite two cable failures they remained professional and went right on without having a tantrum onstage. Plus their vocalist has a killer 70’s hairstyle.

Holy Grail: YOWWWWW!!!! If there’s a band you wanna be right up front for, it’s these motherfuckers. They recently got a new guitarist, which I kinda sorta noticed, but he did so great a job I didn’t even notice that he was different. James’ voice nearly brought down the damn ceiling. Power of Rock or something like that. Awesome set full of epic tunes, lots of air guitaring, weedly fingers, and fist pumping. You’re a fool if you don’t like Holy Grail.

After the show I missed the last bus just to hang out and talk with people. The aftermath of fist pumping headbangery never felt so great. Their guitarist Eli enjoyed my sing-along skills, newbie Alex has a charming smile, and James signed my shirt. Cauldron are cool dudesto talk to when drunk, so don’t miss ’em. Also, my friend Jordan was involved, and is bald. Good night, and here’s a picture!

That faint squiggle of Luna either means “Moon” or “Best Modern Power Metal Vocalist”. Fuckin’ A Night

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