Will You Be Remembered?

Another heavy topic. Get your beer ready.

When you die, do you think you’ll be missed? How many will attend your funeral, provided they can? Will they cry and fondly reminisce the times you spent together?

As much as I like to claim “I’ll be dead! It’s not like it’ll matter!”, there’s always that part of me that wonders just how much of an impact I’ve made on the world, and if anyone will even really care. No, I’m not getting depressive, but it’s just something to think about. There are plenty of people who I’d miss to no end if they were to be out of my life. I know there are some who feel the same about me, but I mean on a worldwide kind of basis.

In this age of rapidly accelerating technology and the need to be “unique”, it’s becoming harder to stand out as an individual. If you try to be a nonconformist, you’re just placing yet another label on yourself. If you’re dressing as outlandishly as possible, there’s someone out there doing the exact same thing. It’s all been done at some point, so it’s harder than ever to stand out and make an impression. Universal recognition evades us, save for the famous-for-nothing celebrities, Bill Gates, Ronald McDonald, and Albert Einstein’s hair.

And then this dead guy

When Michael Jackson died, the whole Earth seemed to have come together to lament his passing. Funny, probably 5 minutes before the news broke they were cracking jokes about the pedo thing, but that’s a whole nother tangent and cosine. When a man is walking down the street and is stabbed to death by a meth head, and he’s just a box in the obituary.


The man could’ve been a biomedical researcher on the brink of mapping out the genome of the HIV virus, finding a chink in its armour, and killing the damned thing, thus saving about 75% of Africa, but gets no recognition for his efforts. A man can sing and dance, and billions know it worldwide. Pretty crazy example, right? I made it up, but it stands, dammit, it stands!

So how about me? I’m just a college student, metalhead, doesn’t get out too much, isn’t very social, not known by many… what chance do I stand of being remembered? Should I care? Probably not. I’m just another blip on the radar, as far as anyone else is concerned. If I someday make the contribution that Dimebag Darrel, Chuck Schuldiner, Dio, Randy Rhoads, or Cliff Burton made to metal, then sure my death will make huge waves in the community, and the name Sean Pierre-Antoine will be followed by R.I.P. for years, but I’m no guitar/bass Superman, nor a killer vocalist, or in a groundbreaking band, so I’ll just have to settle for a dead guy who listened to metal. And he was Black too.

Cheers, fuckers!


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