Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan at the House Of Blues

I kinda missed good ol’ House Of Blues. It is the place my Metal show-ginity was taken by In Flames, Between The Buried And Me, 3 Inches Of Blood, and The Faceless, so it does carry a certain degree of nostalgia. At the same time, I dreaded it due to danger of getting stuck upstairs because of HoB’s tendency to give you the wrong section when you paid to mosh, but asking to see some merch and 15 minutes of paranoia about getting caught and sent back upstairs, and you’re golden.

“Oh this shirt? Yeah I just tossed it on. No biggie.”

Having not gone since the Cool Tour last summer, I figured since one of my all-time favorite bands and one that I really like are playing, I may as well get my ass down there at all costs. I even got my ticket in advance and paid all the necessary fees because it was that damn critical. I’m not gonna go on a tangent about how much of a role Deftones have played in shaping my musical identity, so I’ll just say they’re HUGE in my eyes.

First up was some odd Post-Punk/Alt Rock band that sounds like  U2, Snow Patrol, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, and Coldplay collected some sperm and gave it instruments. Pretty okay, but best for cheesy dancing and pissing off hardcore people by parodying their Chainsaw, Change Pickup, and Pulling Down Stars moves. Their name is also Funeral Party, who no one knew until they got home and googled it and found out it’s not just a The Cure song, should probably tour with more bands that sound like them.

Kings Of Leon Funeral Party: Coming To A Rawk Station Near You

I had never seen Dillinger, but I have listened to them quite a bit and I can honestly say that if you don’t respect their seemingly random and off-time rhythms, you don’t like music. Sure the screaming might be off-putting for non-metal/hardcore people, but it takes a badass brain to be able to precisely pull off the gymnastics of Dillinger’s most intense and mathematical songs. One thing I loved was that while there was hardcore dancing, I didn’t feel like I had to constantly be on the lookout for some asshole that had a bone to pick with the surrounding air so great as to endanger the lives of women and children the next town over. In short, I got to skank to Milk Lizard.

If you’re not familiar with Deftones, do yourself a favor and get acquainted. You’ll like them a lot. And that’s probably an understatement. They’re one of those bands that have something for everyone. They have the aggressive rap-metal, the crooning ballads, hard rockin’ goodness, and uplifting soul cleansing harmonies. They’re just about perfect. Except for Pink Cellphone.

Nothing spells metal like A.D.I.D.A.S.

Bassist Chi Cheng has been in a coma for nearly 3 years, and while still not officially replaced, there’s a random white guy playing bass, and he’s pretty damn good, I must say. Chino is just as charismatic as I expected, if not more so, and quite the jokester. Helps that he’s got a bit of an urban touch to his speech patterns. Stephen Carpenter’s face was a no-show, and believe me, if you had a mane and beard nearly as grizzly, you’d have the same issue. Luckily he’s got his guitaring so down pat he could play if blinded. Programmer/keyboardist Frankie Delgado kinda stood in the background and did his thing peacefully, but his contribution to Deftones is great nonetheless. Drummer Abe was a beast as usual, pounding away at them skins(and I’m not talking about pork). The band was a well oiled machine. Or at least the type of machine that’s good at audience interaction and not just doing its job soullessly.

For it to be an absolutely perfect set, they’d have to play all their albums back to back, and that’s just impossible, but with the amount of material they were able to play which included crowd favorites, new songs, and some lesser known, every album was represented, and every fan’s thirst for awesome quenched. Fuckin’ A.

This should be your favorite song

After failing to find my buds after the show and being pretty much shooed away by House Of Blues security, I bought an obviously bootleg tour shirt from a guy on the street, but the funny thing is it’s more awesome than the ones the bands were officially selling… It happens, I guess. Until next time, dis shit is OVAH!


2 responses to “Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan at the House Of Blues

  1. Good review. btw, the current bass player for Deftones is not random at all. He used to play in Quicksand, one of Deftones biggest influences.

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