Dysentery and Suffocation makes for a painful weekend, part 2

And we’re back. Cocks!

Never drive to New York during a Yankees/Red Sox game, or during a parade, or ever. In fact, don’t go or live there if you can help it. Traffic is shittier than a portapotty in a compost heap. But as for the show, it was pretty damn good. I missed Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon, but hey, stupid is as stupid does. HEYOOOOOO!!!

Humanity Falls

I like these guys. And their vocalist is also a brownie. I hadn’t given them a listen before the show, but now I kinda wish I did because I would’ve gotten a couple more pits going.

Mutant Supremacy


While these guys were good, and got more crowd reactions than Humanity, they didn’t hold my attention too much, so I went over to Suffo’s merch table, shook hands with Terrance Hobbs and got a poster, and didn’t do much aside from watch them play their hearts out. They did well, just didn’t captivate me too much.

Misery Index

You know those bands that you see and you don’t know many songs by them, but you go nuts anyway because they’re that damn good? Misery Index is one of those. I only have the Overthrow EP, and I’m not even sure if they played anything from it, but I did my fair share of stomping around anyway. Rawk!



I think I needed some pain meds, but I skipped out on them. Fuck, they’re awesome. Once again, they didn’t play Abomination Reborn, so fuck you guys, but I still love you. Seeing Suffo in their hometown was certainly a treat, though. New York hospitality brutality at its finest. Satan bless, and cheers, fuckers.

Those squiggles are everyone but Frank Mullen… I’ll get’cha!

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