Defeated Sanity in close quarters combat

Gone Camping

My throat hurts. Maybe from all the cocks that went in my throat due to the smallness of this venue. The PT-109 was about as big as my bedroom without a bed in it, and there was a lot of beef in the room, so needless to say it was quite dank in thur. Nevertheless, it was a great show. Many people from important local bands, and all around buddies came to be packed like sardines for a once in a dog’s lifetime viewing of Defeated Sanity, one of Germany’s most brutal exports.


Sudden urges to play Ski can strike at any time.

Lots of dancing and a little slammin’, songs about rape, disease, and Star Wars, put that in a blender, hit “CUT IT THE FUCK UP”, and you get a Scaphism show. I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I can swallow or even breathe without feeling like I’m recovering from a tracheotomy, but fear not for my larynx, as it has absolutely nothing to do with the Rapture. Sadly there was no Chainsawdomy, as the nerds outvoted the rapists and the Sarlacc swing won out. They should’ve went ahead and played both, but y’know what, they’ll be back in like 3 minutes, so it doesn’t matter.


 Feels good to be able to see one of Boston’s best bands twice in the space of one month, I must say. Mercifully they had a short set-up time, and yet another Composted show with a startling lack of costumes ensues.Closest we got was Evan the vocalist with a towel on his head for much of the time. inb4 Osama. The setlist was quite similar to the one at the church(HALLELUJAH), with a few minor differences being that Jimmy Buffet was not filling in on guitar and that instead of BB(W)Q they played Prostitotz. Plenty of silly pictures of myself and audience members dancing later, and the penises are retracted from our anuses.


“I had to poop. Really bad.”

The problem with pocket sized rooms is that there’s no space to flip out unless you’re one of those people that jus’ don’t give a fuck. I’m one of those people that gives a fuck, so I kept myself on a short leash. Others weren’t as willing to stand still, and took the chance of impaling someone on a ninja star(!?) and knocking down some framed shirts, or even crashing into the band members themselves. Luckily none of this happened, but the tile floor is FUBAR. Oh and the set was pretty good too.

Defeated Sanity


Remember when I said this venue’s about the size of a pincushion and full of aggressive, sweaty men? Do you know what happens when you bring in a band who may not tour the US for about 5 more years who play aggressive Slamz? You guessed right: Will from Dysentery tries to decapitate motherfuckers. I’ll be honest, I only know two or three Defeated Sanity songs well enough to throw down fluently, but this venue was not the time or place for me to throw down since I kinda give a fuck. For those who didn’t, more power to them, but damn it got hot in there. A string broke and Defeated had to change guitars, so I  took that opportunity to get some fresh air. Ah, how sweet. Another string of br00tality followed, and everyone filed out quickly. I guess standing in a hotbox stops being fun when the music isn’t playing. I hope that I’ll be able to see Defeated Sanity in the future, if ever, so I’ll continue brushing up on their material, and until then, I’ll work on throwing down in areas so small as to constitute a fire hazard when more than 30 people are in it at once. Cheers fuckers!


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