Hip Hop Is Not Dead. It Just Has Cancer

Hip-Hop is a strange genre. It’s one that I’m reluctant to say I like because most will assume I just mean Top 40 bull shit, but then again if I say I don’t like it, I may come across as a jackhole elitist who only likes stuff with angry guitars. I try not to be an elitist on purpose, but it’s an inverted cross we all have to bear sometimes.

Ye olde unreadable or  you’re false metal. Choose wisely, cunt.

I am one of those people who if asked “Hey, what do you listen to?” I can say “A little of everything.” and not be a douche attempting to sound openminded. I got a little bit of country, a little bit of Rock’n’Roll, shitton of Metal, Hip-hop, some Pop, Reggae, Ska, Punk, Jazz, Alternative, Funk, R&B that’s not all of the Intercourse With You variety, and at one point, Tibetan bowl music on a thousand year loop. It sucked, though, don’t do it.

Hip-Hop is certainly not the beast it was in the eighties, so I’m here to present to you some good acts from today and a million years ago when everyone wasn’t involved in the most genius pyramid scheme known to man called Popular Music.


Del tha Funky Homosapien

De La Soul

Black Sheep

Linkin Park(Yep)

and on a related note…

Fort Minor

Grand Master Flash

Snoop Dogg

Wu-Tang Clan


I’m getting tired of linking vids, so for further reference see these, and cheers, fucker.

Ghostface Killah – 9 Milli Bros. feat Wu-Tang Clan

Eminem – Medicine Ball

RZA – Fuck What You Think

NWA – Express Yourself

Tyler The Creator – Yonkers

Necro – As Deadly As Can Be

Jay Z – Money Ain’t A Thang

Now go explore, and remember, stay away from hot glue guns.


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