Milo And Eddie Fuck Stuff Up… Kinda.

If you’re a fan of both Iron Maiden and Descendents, you’ll know the deal. So I got the brilliant idea sometime last year to start up a webcomic of sorts. It’s one of those things where you have to have about 50 ideas beforehand or it fizzles out kinda quickly. Needless to say, that’s what happened here. Enjoy all four chapters, because I lost the one I did with Anthrax’s NOT guy. I was actually kinda proud of it too, but it’s whatever, I’ll re-draw it if I get over the heartbreak. Maybe on July 4th I’ll make one spoofing ‘Merican by the Descendents. Like I said, I didn’t realize how hard it was to come up with good ideas, so fuck.

Humble beginnings…
Whaddaya mean it’s badly drawn? I thicken my lines when I need to…
A little ham-fisted, but works with some lube.
Christmas, Metal, Humor. Love all three?

I’m hoping that with time, I’ll get more good ideas coming in, and if you’re one of the two people who look at my blog regularly, think of something Metal/Punk/Hardcore related that I can draw with my limited skills and make a joke about. Preferably punny, because that’s the lowest form of wit and sarcasm doesn’t work with shitty three panels. Cheers, fuckers, and a miserable summer to you!


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