Set Putnam Dead At 43

Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt infamy, known for deliberately offending everyone and anyone he could with his mere existence, was not the monster he made himself out to be. A quick look at his more awesome song titles and ties to racist leaning bands would have you peg him as a racist, no good scumdog that needed to be put down. Hell, the name Anal Cunt can’t be published in many places, and even the logo’s a bit risky, being an artistic rendering of the aforementioned orifices. With song titles like “I Went Back In Time And Voted For Hitler”, “Your Kid Committed Suicide Because You Suck”, and “You Live On A Houseboat”, he gave you the choice of either taking it at face value or laughing it off.

Digging a bit deeper and getting to know the man would reveal that he was a family man, a good friend to those who knew him, and secretly a fan of Glam Rock and Buckcherry. He was only a dick for the hell of it. Sure, comparisons to GG Allin are drawn daily, but while GG was indeed out to shock, he took it to regions that Seth Putnam didn’t dare cross. He was still a decent human being under that dick shell. He was an influence on extreme music, pushing the boundaries of censorship and dare I say, he was a Renaissance man of sorts, blurring the line between thuggery and artistic expression.

Yeah, that mini epitaph was what he’d call “gay”, but it’s all true, and if he thinks it’s “gay”, then that just means it’s true, and Seth Putnam will be missed by those closest to him, and throughout the Metal community worldwide. Allston may be a safe place for now, but should Anal Cunt decide to continue on with a new frontman, audiences everywhere should watch their asses.


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