Recent Discoveries

My musical exploration never stops. Sure it may halt as I discover something shiny and decide to hyperfocus on it for a week or two, but for the msot part I’m moving along like a bonobo, enjoying whatever comes my way with no thought of reprieve.

Arsis – United In Regret : Melodic Technical Deathrash

Fuckin’ great album. I began my love affair with Arsis sometime last year, and it has been torrid, passionate, and I have been defiled more times than I can count.

Dripping : Experimental Slam Death Metal

It’s just… fuckin’ weird.

Candiria : Hardcore, Hip-Hop, Alternative Metal, “Urban Fusion”

Yes, Hardcore, Hip-Hop, and Alt. Metal can mix flawlessly. The above track doesn’t showcase the -core tendencies, but it’s catchy as fuck, so it’s a good way to slip comfortably in.

The Omega Experiment : Progressive Metal, “Ambient” Metal, sounds like Devin Townsend

That video was made by your friendly neighborhood Seanypants, because I thought I’d spread the disease. You’re welcome, cuntmuffin.

Defiler : Metalcore, Deathcore


Cyclamen : Progressive Metal, Mathcore, Post-Hardcore, Djent

If you have ever fantasized about Sky Eats Airplane, SikTh, Haunted Shores(who is on the split the above song is from), and Periphery with a touch of J-Rock, that’s for you, niche market!

Tyler The Creator : Alternative Hip-Hop


Obtained Enslavement : Symphonic Black Metal

Since very few extol the value of this much underrated band who hop from logo to logo as fast as Himsa swapped out every member who wasn’t a bassist, this band is kvlt by default.

Ghost : Psychedelic Rock, Stoner/Doom/”Girlfriend” Metal

Since people wouldn’t SHUT THE FUCK UP cease the hushed whispers of adoration and bellows of admiration alike, I decided to have a look see. Fuck, this shit possesses whatever part of your brain likes catchy music and just sits there, translucent and menacing yet harmless… kind of like a… ghost. I’m not too good with words.

Goldfinger : Ska, Punk

Childhood song revamped to Punk Rawk with a nice stab at a verse in Deutsch? I dig.

Humanity Falls : Experimental Death Metal/Grindcore

I just had to inquire on the band’s facebook wall as to the nature of that violin-like melody that comes in halfway through the song, and I was told it is indeed a guitar. Guys go a great length to make guitar sound un-guitarlike, and it succeeds.

Terminally Your Aborted Ghost : Experimental Deathgrind, Deathcore, Silly Slam Death Metal

With differing opinions and lack of sexual satisfaction from some members, the band eventually fell apart, which is a shame because quite a bit of interesting stuff can be found on Slowly Peeling The Flesh From The Inside Of A Folded Hand(FUCK) and Inanimately Soundless is quite interesting to listen to… and look at. Seriously, have you seen album art of this caliber anywhere else? Jaysus. Composted would form from the ashes of this band, and some songs would be stolen reworked to fit its sillier nature.

Hot Cross : Screamo(real shit), Post-Hardcore

Why did all the real screamo die? 😦

And one last band. The Locust : Powerviolence, Experimental Grindcore

What do you mean it wasn’t made on drugs?

Cheers, fuckers.


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