Lich King and indifferent acquaintances at The Chop Shop

Framingham is going on my list of places I’d trek out to for a good show, and leave immediately after. Place is depressing, folks. It was totally worth the bummy grey atmosphere to get my face thrashed off in a dank basement with the slipperiest cement my Adidas have ever encountered, though.

The highlight of the show was the pre-game ride and pizza. If there’s anything that you should do at or before a thrash show, is eat pizza. Pizza Thrash is easily the tastiest genre aside from Black Metal. If you’re vegan, go away.

The moral of the story is: Ensiferum patches can go on jorts.

It feels like forever since I’ve written a show review, but it’ll be happening more frequently, because a shitstorm of events is forthcoming, if is to be believed and no one cancels. Now for the good ol’ band-by-band xBreaxdowNx you’ve come to love from this blerg.

This Beast

This Beast is well-oiled

Like many in the Boston Thrash scene(yes we kinda have one), they’re a buncha young’uns off to a great start. Add to the fact that they have one of the easiest names to make bad jokes with like “They played with This Beast”, and you’re opt to get some recognition. I didn’t get to check them out before the show, but they did well, and even got some pits started, which is rare for smaller bands, especially if they’re up first.


Lemme see yer Bass Face!

Apparently they didn’t play fast enough, but I wouldn’t know. I do agree it should’ve been faster, though. Pits were here and there, with one that I and one in my crew had to start. The music was damn, good, mixing old school thrash with new school attitude. As you can see, their bass is a six string, and it was put to good use like a well whipped slave.


Er… I’m not sure if The Clozapines bear any relation, but oh well. They sounded a lot like Witchaven, which is great, because Witchaven fucking slay. They had energy up the ass, and a drummer who looks like my friend Nolan in 20 years. Same eyebrows and everything, man. But I digress, you should go see them sometime. They’re so evil, your mother can’t get within 50 yards of them.


Putting the Cock back in Rock

Crypter seem to have a small band of minions who follow them from show to show, appearing and tearing the place up when Crypter play, and leaving right after. It’s a strange phenomenon, but I guess it’s nice to have groupies. But onto the show itself, this is my second time seeing Crypter, and they did much better here than at the Midway. Mainly because they suffered First Band Syndrome then, but the atmosphere in this basement full of sweaty men was more charged, leading to some fierce pits. With an audience that seemed to know every word, they must’ve felt pretty good, man. As they get older, they very well could get huge.

Lich King 

Because the actual band is the least thrash looking band ever.

Sadly our crew had to leave right after Black Metal Sucks due to Asian parents, which is arguably the best ‘King song aside from The Attack Of The Wrath Of The WAr Of The Death Of The Strike Of The Sword Of The Blood Of The Beast. Up until then, they played some off the new album, one from the upcoming album, and an entertaining cover of Metallica’s The Four Horsemen, which is also technically a cover of Megadeth’s Mechanix, but hey, it got a couple of guys moving, including myself. It would’ve been awesome if there were 4 people in the circle pit, but hey, real life just isn’t awesome enough for that.

Good show, good pizza, math homework. Cheers, fuckers.


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