1 Of 3 – June 24: Thrillhouse, Abnormality, And Scaphism at Squid Amps in Providence

So this weekend was great. Got to spend it with my “family” of metalheads, and someone we call Sarah, but that’s all semantics. As much as I’d love to blog about how great our little crew is, that can be saved for another day. Right now I’m gonna write a marathon of three posts for the three shows we attended, once day for each. Fitting, right? No? Fuck you.

So this is one of those sorta illegal shows that takes place in the shitty part of a town that no one dares enter without a switchblade and Third Dan training, with a room that only fits about 30 people at any given moment. So yes, this show fuckin’ ruled. Though our group left before Thrillhouse went on due to the show not starting till 11:00 and having to get home(we finally arrived around 6:30!), it was quite the experience, and it reminded me of 1800s London, with smokestacks and brick buildings looming placidly around loud longhairs excited for some carnage.


Needs to be a shirt back design.

Scaphism is my most seen band so far, totalling in at 7 total rapings by my count. They’re just so damn fun to see live, and they play every three hours so there’s no excuse for not having seen them at least twice if you live in New England. This time was different, as they did play a new song about Cthulu and how the word “unutterable” is insufferable and completely indefatigable. Lots of ables. Of course old favorites like Raped Til Death, Pathogenic Bacteria, Slowly Digested Over 1000 Years, and sorta new but well-loved Tower Deflower got the crowd fist pumping for various reasons. One of them was fisting. I’m stopping now.


Try beating this shit on expert!

This has been my second ime seeing Abnormality, and I must say I enjoyed it much more, having a better idea of what to expect. Due to the fact that it was sort of an illegal show and there was more electricity within the decrepit stone walls of Squids than in a house of The Lord, let’s just say beer got on some people and there was some slamming done. They randomly decided to cover Slave New World by Sepultura, which was a pleasant surprise, and the highlight of their set to me, since I actually know and love that song. I look forward to seeing them more and gradually getting used to the sheer technicality of their songs. I still don’t know any of the titles because Mikala has a filthy habit of growling them. Oh well, I’ll deal. The guitarist of Thrillhouse(who may have been stoned the fuck out of his mind) seemed to like it so much that he took an early leave, and so did the less rough portion of the crowd who apparently doesn’t agree that spilled beer smells good. I’m sure everyone left feeling a little dirty, but that’s just Providence for ya.

This post took 5 hours to write. Yay for miltitasking and ADHD!


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