2 of 3 – June 25: Pathogenic, Hivesmasher, Composted, and Demoralizer at Captain’s Lounge in Lemonstir

I’m not sure if Leominster is even a town. Our crew drove through the town to get to Captain’s Lounge and saw no other establishments. DA FUCK? How does anyone live there? But meh, I’m glad that we at least got to go, seeing as we found out about it not an hour and a half before it began, and had nothing to do but eat chili and see who could maintain composure the longest while greened out.

Funny when high.


If you say so, crazy person who punches people.

This is another band that suffered a bad case of First Band Syndrome, in addition to them not being as big a name as other Mass Death/Grind acts, so it’s really a shame no one moved. They remind me a lot of Imbroglio, a band that mixes Sludge, Deathgrind, Mathcore, and Death Metal into a weird turgid mess of awesome. If you hear them play a breakdown, move IMMEDIATELY, because they’re very short, and you’ll regret it. I would’ve started some pits but there was a guy with beer to one side, and a girl behind me. Major buzzkills. Hopefully they play in my area soon so I can fuck shit up. Like an asshole… Heh. Even with some microphone troubles and a popped bass drum, they continued on like champs, so go see ’em and talk shit with them.


They don’t fake the funk

Something about Composted’s set tonight just seemed a little bit more mean than usual. Yes they kept the humorous aspect, as usual, but Mark Richards’ guitar tone just sounded nastier, and Evan’s vocals more bowelly. Frustration over the aforementioned microphone, some amp issues, and having eaten at Buffalo Wild Wings before the show will do that. The setlist was heavy on newer songs and included SIDS In The City, which I hadn’t gotten many chances to listen to, but I can now say is a straight up Serious Slam song, aside from the title of course. Despite the size of the venue and basically being a straight up bar with no stage and the bands playing with their backs to the door(or in Hivesmasher’s case, Aaron’s face), there was lots of movement, and luckily no one got taken out. And then shit got really crazy…


“My beard okay? No lice? Great.”

Ah, Smasher Of Hives, I gotta say it gets better every time I see them. Mainly because I’m starting to actually know what all the songs sound like, and when to react to certain song parts. First time I saw them, I was bummed they didn’t play the more straightforward and melodic tracks from Ascension Into Dismal Stages, but hell even if they did I doubt I’d have recognized them under the smothering blanket of noise. At first I thought, “Fuck this, they’re probably not even really playing anything”, but then I grew up and saw that they’re playing their little hearts out. And then their guitarist got shoved by Demoralizer’s bassist, who also punched me in the liver! So that was a fun set, and I got a song dedicated to me, I think. Sean is a generic name, but I’ll take it anyway. Hivesmasher’s one of those bands I’ve seen a lot, so it was either learn to like them or just sit down, and believe me, the more you see them, the less you’ll want to just sit down. It’s crazy shit, son.


So, stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z, where the Z warriors go to Long Island and see a lot more bands than initially promised!


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