Archons, Anomalous, Beyond Creation, and Element. They Play Guitar Better Than You

So ’tis the night(day?) before Children Of Bodom, Devin Townsend, Obscura, and SepticFlesh, and I’m sweaty and discovering new music faster than Cryptozoologists discover ways to get paid for studying Cthulhu mythos. I’m a busy busy bee. And a pirate. So let’s delve into the realms of delicious TechDeath mindfuckery I’ve been immersing myself in like human waste, only less E. Coli infested and more woodly doodly deedly meedly.


You can always tell who’s taking the band seriously by length of hair and facial expression.

So, Archon is a cool band, I’m finding. They’re Melodic Death Metal, but don’t let that scare you away, because it’s only words. Words that have lost their meaning as of late due to the 2007-2008 invasion of Zerg Rush proportions, where Metalcore bands all insisted they were Melodic Death Metal and truly fans of the At The Gates that wasn’t that one song. Yes, these guys are good, and not Metalcore. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

And they’re Canadian, so that makes them awesome by default. Unless they’re Three Days Grace. Might wanna check that.


The three metalhead moods: Pensive, Serious, and Giddy

Element is quite the beast. Their(or “his” now) debut Aeons Past is basically a Death Metal version of Ayreon, in that it’s a concept album about people migrating from some planet to another, complete with an extraterrestrial wasteland as the album art, so it’s all there, with the minor addition of Technical Death Metal. But rest assured, it’s nerdy as fuck. In a way.

The newer outputting, The Energy, however, is like a different band entirely, having eschewed two of the three members, leaving one(I’m assuming bald) guy standing to create a chill and spacey  yet intense Progressive Death Metal album all by himself. He did a pretty good jerb, and while the intensity has been lowered significantly, and the brutal trimmings dispensed with almost entirely, we have a Cynic/later Decrepit Birth/Augury without acoustics soup that’s magically delicious and not quite as brutal, to say the least.


Operating on a strict No Mustache, No Cash policy.

If you haven’t heard of the almighty drumlord Marco Pitruzzella and think his last name is some kind of Italian dish involving melted cheese, stand at attention and know that he’s been responsible for many a bruised drum kit. The guy knows his way around a couple sticks and a snare, and that’s putting it lightly. Why should you care? Well if you’re reading this, you’ll know that Metal comes down to the quality of the drumming. You can form a metal band with no vocalist, no guitarist, and no bassist, but you MUST have a drummer. It’s one of the few things us opinionated asshats agree on: You need a stickman. Anomolous, like Brain Drill, Vital Remains, The Faceless, and Vörnagar, have been lucky enough to pick up this plucky drummer boy for a full-length after releasing an EP entitled Cognitive Dissonance with only the company of a drum machine and presumably, lots of speed enhancing drugs because these fucks can shred.

Not entirely content to just rip your face off, this band also has a knack for incorporating soothing passages that delicately graft it neatly back where it should be, only to repeat the process later. Taking influence from Ion Dissonance, Meshuggah(mainly in the vocals), Beneath The Massacre, Cynic, and Brain Drill(derp), they’re blasting, grinding, and gaseously wafting into extreme metal nirvana.

Beyond Creation

Second From The Left guy probably saw a naked chick walk by.

So, this band is also Canadian, and probably were injected with the same serum given to Neuraxis, Quo Vadis, Augury, Devin Townsend, Blackguard, Woods Of Ypres, and 3 Inches Of Blood received as some strange scientific experiment of pure Metal genius. Seriously, what’s going on up there? I want to know, Canada. Why are you so polite and your bands so great? Except Three Days Grace.

With the Progressive Death Metal chops of Augury, the cosmic atmospheres created by Obscura, and a smattering of -Core influence, bringing the bottom heaviness to the surface, all Leviathan-like. I had heard a song by these guys probably a month back, but never fully dove into the chromatic pool that is Beyond Creation. Join me in a skinny dip, shan’t you?

And that’s all I got for tonight. As I eagerly await my second ravaging from Hevy Devy and finally get to see the Hate Crew live, peace be to you, earthlings. Eh.


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