Wacky Band Wednesday: Melt Banana

These guys make me taste the color yellow and hear keyboards on motorcycles. It’s insane, man. Melt-Banana will ruin your mind and left beef. It’s an experience I can only describe by matching their absurdity. Pelican.

Nothing sketchy going on, he’s just Japanese.

Melt-Banana are an experimenta rock/spaz/grindcore band from Japan, so you can just call them J-Rock if you like. They’re bananas. Batfuck insane. They can smell Norway from a Sharpie. And they’re damn good at making noise. Vocalist Yasuko squeaks, screams, raps, shouts, and occasionally, sings her way through the chaotic police-state/acid-trippy turntable soundscape created by guitarist Ichirou. The only seemingly normal part of this sexcapade is the bass, played by Rika, which takes on a funky tone and is the only thing vaguely musical much of the time, what with the blips, bleeps, and scratches coming from the guitars and the adorably caustic vocals. Not to mention the drumming, combining blastbeats, jazzy “rhythms”, and thrashy violence. There is no constant drummer, so they just rotate between session drummers, guests, and tour assistance. You follow?

It’ll make you shit yourself backwards listening to an entire album’s worth of this. MxBx are crazy like that most of the time, yes, but they do have their moments of accessibility that borders on poppy, like their cover of Beach Boys’ Surfin’ USA and If It Is The Deep Sea, I Can See You There. Yes their song titles are very Engrish. WHY CAN’T I HAVE A LOVELY FIGHTING?

Oh the humanity. Gelatin.


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