What The Hell’s Going On In Indonesia?

The Devil’s new playground

Is the government really shitty over there or something? Because there’s a whole treasure trove of brutal bands that I just discovered last week, mainly(if not all) on Rottrevore Records, that sound like they have a bone to pick with the whole damn universe.


Technical Deathcore/Brutal Death Metal with a thick low end and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Yeah they have the same names as condoms and a computer virus, but I’m guessing they were aiming more for a resident of the city of Troy. They’d be proud someone remembered them. You’ll enjoy Trojan if you’re a fan of Misericordiam, I Declare War, Elysia’s first album, and We Are The End with shoddy(but fitting) production job.

I like to pretend nothing this shitty happened to a once proud nation.


Progressive Technical Death Metal with a smattering of melodic flourishes. I haven’t investigated them as much yet, but I plan to in the future. If you like anything on the Brutal Bands roster, Augury, or Anata, give ’em a listen-see.


Technical Brutal Death Metal with some subtle hints of slam(namely the backing vocals which sound like a chorus of frogs) that promise to leave you fucked up. For fans of Suffocation, Nile minus the Egyptian shit but with some tribal-ish sections all the same, and Parasitic Extirpation.


Brutal Death Metal with a slight Grind edge. It’s a bit by the numbers, nothing too impressive but something to listen to when you want something that defies the conventions of listenability. Sounds a little bit like if Hate Eternal were taking Ritalin or Cephalic Impurity walking through a swamp without much variation.


Progressive Semi-Symphonic Brutal Death Metal. Yeah it’s just as weird as it sounds. Lots of acoustic sections, female vocals on the above track, and slightly non-linear song structures. It’s good stuff though, and these guys definitely know what they’re doing. If you wish Fleshgod Apocalypse weren’t quite so majestic, and Goreality not so skull-numbingly brutal, look ’em up.

Why isn’t Indonesia on anyone’s Metal map? Belgium made it to worldwide fame with the likes of Aborted, Leng T’Che, and Agathocles. Russia, a land where no one is allowed to have fun, seems to have caught some sort of Slam Death Metal Ebola. South Korea, Moldova, Botswana, Madafuckingascar, and I bet even goddamned Antarctica have put out at least one band that get major respect throughout the globe, yet Indonesia in all of its fiery womb-like fury, seems to be spitting out more brutality than the world seems able to download all in one go, or even wants. Listen and listen good, because that monsoon ravaged collection of landmasses is wicked pissed.

And that’s all I got for you. Class dismissed.


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