Summer Slaughter, No Bread And Water at the Palladium

So beaten I was from Ringworm the night prior, I was wondering how in the hell I would survive this show. Going from a hardcore show to a big ol’ festival with metal and -core bands alike is not a feat to be attempted by the faint of heart or penis. Don’t do it if you’re afraid of getting hurt. Some spots are still a tiny bit sore, and it’s been a week after the fact, so yeah, go hard or go home, son.


Watched too many fascist dictator speeches, like most people of his age.

Dessiccation are one of the few opening bands I’ve seen that have their own fancy intros and outros, but those aside, they were a great pick to start out the show. They had the djenty grooves to fit in with Within The Ruins, the syrupy open note breakdowns brought in force by WhiteChapel, and enough melodies to tide over anyone who thinks all -Core is mindless Punch-In-Face chugging. I don’t know any song names but I think the third one was the best. I probably should’ve conserved energy during their set, but I danced anyway, because I’m fat’n’stupid and don’t know anything about music because I’m fat’n’stupid.


Fleshgod Apocalypse

They’ll be needing a shower, Andrea Bocelli, and some of your finest lasagna.

Fleshgod Apocalypse is parts Hour Of Penance and Nightwish. The Hour Of Penance part is quite flesh’n’blood, being made of Francesco Paoli and the fact that they play Technical Brutal Death Metal. The Nightwish part brings in organic sounding symphonies, clean vocals, and a feel of majesty that is missing from most Technical Brutal Death Metal. With this fusion, they are legit Symphonic Melodic Technical Brutal Death Metal. It’s a mouthful, much like a spicy meat-a-ball, but well worth getting into. Sadly, their set was short and not very to the point, consisting of Thru Our Scars, In Honor Of Reason, The Egoism, and The Violation. Everything they put out is magick, and they shouldn’t have been stiffed with such low billing.

Within The Ruins

Amp ta amp!

Within The Ruins are a Deathcore band with too much meedly. In a genre where people complain there aren’t enough notes, Within The Ruins have too many notes even for those who cry “MORE NOTES!”. Granted, their most recent effort, Invade, saw them chill out a little bit, they’ve still got work to do. I didn’t really like them much going into this, having nearly fallen asleep standing up at Metalfest while watching their set(though I was criminally fatigued from not sleeping from excitement), I got in the action for it this time, and dare I say, it sounded a bit sweeter when defending my face among the vicious WtR fans helping me fight the air. I enjoyed it more than I feel I should have, but I have no regrets.


You know you’re a -core band when 40% of your band is pretty and the rest are Butt Ugly Martians.

All licentious attacks on physical appearance aside, Oceano know how to bring the motherfuckin’ ruckus… too soon? Oh well. Oceano can get a crowd tearing at one another’s throats in no time. With Adam Warren’s vitriolic snarls interlaced with the word ‘pussy’, I’m betting at least one person was spinkicked. While I am disappointed Samael The Destroyer wasn’t anywhere in the set, they played well enough that it kinda didn’t matter. I say ‘kinda’ because Samael is my favorite song by them and that’s where I’d stop caring who was in my path, be it man, woman, scene, or child I’d punch hard.

As Blood Runs Black

Guy in the back to the left doesn’t look displeased enough. Fired.

As Blood Runs Black is one of those bands I just never got into for some reason. I probably should love them, seeing as I’m kind of a fiend for melodic Deathcore, but ABRB are just missing something and I have no clue what it is. I did like Instinct a bit, but that was nothing special in my eyes either. The live show was much of the same, nothing really special. Hell, nothing funny or awesome happened aside from “BRING THA MUTHAFUCKIN’ RUCKUS”, and it was brought, but it was weak. For shame. I’m not a fan, probably never will be, and I know what I’m missing out on.

Dying Fetus

The olden days of crowded red mist pictures.

Dying Fetus have a looooong ass history as the bad boys of Death Metal, bringing politics to the dinner table when most want to talk about gore, serial killers, and boiling people alive in poop. They’ve always stood out for that, and their ability to sound like the 5 people they once were with the 3 piece they are now. Dying Fetus is, arguably a true Deathcore band, as they eschew breakdowns for real hardcore 2-step passages, and obviously, they play technical, brutal, and at times, slamming Death Metal. And the crowd goes wild! With a setlist including Your Treachery Will Die With You, Homicidal Retribution, One Shot One Kill, and almost Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog(time constraints can fuck themselves), there was plenty of violence to go around the whole building. The circlepits provided refreshing breezes and also made you afraid to stand directly at the perimeter, so you know they were good.

Trying not to laugh, John? Us too.


Cosplay has made it possible for rule 34 to enter meatspace.






Rubber swords


Six Feet Under

“If you smoke weed every day, you can be this cool!”

Six Feet Under is another one of those bands I never entirely got into, but in contrast to As Blood Runs Black, they have a huge legacy, and haven’t built their reputation on one subpar album and a few demos, but rather AC/DC covers and groovy Death Metal. I probably should be sad that I only really know two 6FU songs(one of which being Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane, which was played), and when they played Hammer Smashed Face, I got that same wide-eyed killer face everyone else did. Heck, seeing Cannibal Corpse someday will be great, but this is good enough to hold me until then, considering Chris Barnes’ vocals sound much more vomity. Vomit Smashed Vocals. Raaaah.

Darkest Hour

Ohai, we takin' pictures?

Hey what's goin' on?

Darkest Hour are a fucken’ good band, and shame on you if you say otherwise. They’re a band that the -Core kids and big hairy metal crowd can agree with, because they’re just that great. The setlist could’ve been tailored more for my liking, but then they wouldn’t be able to play anything off The Human Romance, which I haven’t heard yet, but judging by the tracks, it’s sounding like good ol’ Darkest Hour. This set was light in songs I knew well, being With A Thousand Words To Say But One, The Tides, and Convalescence, but being Darkest Hour, it was still great to finally see them after missing them twice and having them cancel at Metalfest.


You’re stupid if you thought this wouldn’t happen someday.

WhiteCastleChapel are far from your typical chugchug deathcore band. Unlike Suicide Silence, Oceano, and other -Core contemporaries, they’ve been welcomed by Metalheads as well as the Sceney Weenies, which is great for ad revenues and walls of death.

With three full length albums under their presumably skinny belts, they had a whole smorgasbord of skull crackin’ tunes to choose from. Luckily among these was Possession, This Is Exile, Vicer Exiser, Reprogrammed To Hate, and Darkest Days Of Man, which got some good circles going, and some good ol’ fashioned karate flailing. Indeed, this was one of the most fun sets of the night aside from maybe Powerglove or Teh Fœtus. But then along cane Strnad and his niggaz.

The Black Dahlia Murder

Somewhere out there, spirits cry out to Trevor.

The Black Dahlia Murder is one of those “childhood bands”, and by “childhood” I mean I’ve been listening to them since I was at just a plucky youngster who thought Disturbed was true Metal and that Black Metal meant you wrote songs about the night. Obviously, I’ve grown since then, and my tastes may or may not have changed, but The Black Dahlia Murder has been in there for a bit, knocking about, wondering when I, Sean, would go see them. Wish fulfilled, motherfuckers!

This setlist would have been perfect had they played the above song I swear to you, dear reader, I got happy as fuck for much of this set.

A Shrine To Madness

 Everything Went Black  

A Vulgar Picture 


Moonlight Equilibrium  

Malenchantments of the Necrosphere  

Statutory Ape 


Carbonized in Cruciform  

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse  

Deathmask Divine  


 I Will Return 

 Blood In The Ink  


Funeral Thirst

The songs in bold font were fucking amazing.

I could go on about this, but I’m running out of words. Byebye.


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