I Should’ve Visited My Dad: In Harm’s Way in Everett

For serious, the Champion’s Cafe, which is quite literally a hole in the wall kinda bar, was juuuust around the corner from where my dad’s staying until he gets a house. Gollee! Anyways, this show was pretty cool, and technically I only saw two of the four or 5 bands that played since Ruins Of Amarna is a band full of pals and In Harm’s Way headlined. And are awesome. So this’ll be short, which works because this computer gargles balls.

Ruins Of Amarna


 Woaaoh. Waaaaoh. Woaaaooh.

Ruins Of Amarna is probably one of the stranger bands in New England right now, claiming to take influence from Deathcore, Power Metal, Slam Death Metal, and Thrash all at the same time. And damn, they were actually kinda not joking. Punishing breakdowns, NWOBHM riffing, and shredded Monterey Pepper Jack solos provided by Nicholass, steady rhythms and the occasional blast provided by stickman and Neoanderthal T-Bone, and funky grooves laid down by Ms. Wheatley, in the flesh. The vocals and lyrics need work, but otherwise, Ruins are pretty fresh. Also check out Backwoods Amputation(when it comes out) and Dorian Gray(of whom they played one song from) ain’t bad either, since members of Ruins are in both.

In Harm’s Way


Peter Mulone may not look it, but he’s one of the biggest Power Metal guys you’ll have the pleasure of knowing. Displeasure if you’re a fucknut. But hey, his band’s pretty damn good, channeling the flowery style of Epiclore with a bit of a driving Hard Rock edge, like Journey or Cheap Trick attempting Blind Guardian. I liked it very much. And that’s an understatement. Beer, throwin’ down, the tiniest circlepit I’ve ever seen, and one handed sweep picking are just a few of the pleasantries of this set. I look forward to the next show, fucker.



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