I Dunno. Opeth at the Palladium

So uh, yeah. The music wasn’t bad, because it’s fuckin’ Opeth, but I wanted to hear this at least.

Fuck. And getting indirectly called an elitist because I expressed my desire for a heavier song than Hex Omega or A Fair Judgement, and that an all Prawg Rawk/Acoustic set was not what I was going for. Yes, Opeth is great whether they sound like forest bumpkins or a Wishbone Ash/Pink Floyd fusion, but I wanted to hear a little… Death. Fuckin. Metal. Apparently that makes me a poser. I can’t shrug hard enough. Hopefully when they roll around this side of the Atlantic in about 50 years they’ll be up to play rough again. And goddamn you Mike for saying “We’re not doing what some people want us to do”. Well no effin’ sheeit, mayne.

No surprises here, I missed Katatonia. Seems like missing half a show is a new trend with me now.


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