Tearin’ The Roof Off The Sucka: Primus at the Orpheum

Never. Fucking. Again, Orpheum. No air conditioning in the balcony is a party foul! But yeah, great show. I only know about 3 songs by Primus, and only two of those I know kinda well, but hell, it’s Primus, and they’re funkin’ cool.

Cliff Claypool In Action

I’m not sure if all Primus sets are as visually stimulating as that, but damn. Fuckin’ DAMN. That’s a feast for the eyes right there. Weird video clips being flashed repeatedly, giant inflatable spacemen with faces peering curiously at the spectators, lotsa fancy light effects, what looked like a modified iTunes Visualizer entrancing my Reptilain Complex, an intermission featuring Popeye cartoons, and Les Claypool’s storied pigeon strut as he plays dat fawnky music. Speaking of the music, that was also pretty good.

Wasn’t played, but it’ll make you hungry for human flesh.

Aside from the heat and some random hippie/Lollapalooza cunts yelling PRIMUS SSSSUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKSSSSSS as if everyone there wasn’t already in on and familiar with the joke to the point of exhaustion(hint: it’s sarcasm) for about 20 or 30 minutes, it was damn flawless, I tell ya. Normally when I see bands I don’t know very much of, I’m bored to tears, but fuck, not even a lack of knowledge of the songs or the buckets of Kool-Aid I sweated would deter the enjoyment. I really need to check out more Primus. Fa sho.

Also wasn’t played. Da fawk, Captain?

Only things that would’ve made this show better would be general admission standing space, air conditioning, and someone sharing their weed with me. Yep, people were lightin’ up doobies in a well-staffed venue. ‘Twas awesome. So in the meantime, I’ll procrastinate on something or other, as I can’t say much about a band whose songs I don’t know much of, other than check ’em out. I know I will. Seacrest out.


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