Fancy A Spot Of Djent? Veil Of Maya at the MetCafe

Fuck. Pawtucket. It’s only good if you like getting lost, running across every street, and not encountering more than three humans at any given time. The people there are the most chill ever, so I think it’s an enclave of Canada.

The combined rage from a Floridian and the tortured souls of Rhode Islanders.

Fuck this state! But yeah, great show, even though I missed everything up until After The Burial’s third or fourth song.

After The Burial

Light trails or FAGGOT.

So, I was pretty stoked to finally be seeing these guys, but a little less than stoked to hear from their guitarist Justin(awesome dude) that I missed Berzerker and Cursing Akakhetganhghenghharnen Akhenaten. Though words will never enter arriving at the venue to hear the middle of Ometh blasting through the closed windows and getting in even without enough money to pay the full price. Mutha. Fuckin. Goblin.

Highlights included Ometh, Encased In Ice(MUTHAFUCKA COME ON!), Aspiration, and Pi (The Mercury God of Infinity). If my legs and body weren’t already aching from dragging my bookbag and fat ass around Pawtucket, throwing the fuck down to one of the better Djentcore bands of today made it happen. And it happened gooood.

Veil Of Maya

It’s more likely than you think.

 Chuggut. Chuggut. Chuggut. Chugguchugguchuggut. Chugguchuggut.

Hells yeah, polyrhythms. First time I saw these guys, I was a bit too proud to throw down, but this time was a bit different, I shall say. This time, I two-stepped, swung angrily, and even got an intentional wimpy scene kid fist to the eye. That was the most fun part about it, really, getting punched and having it do -30 damage. But anywho, this was much better than seeing them at the Palladium. More intimate, less jackasses trying to prove they’re xTUFFx, more random skanks dancing in the pit, and the like. There was even a good circle going for the opening of It’s Not Safe To Swim Today, which was awesome, because running in circles is fun, don’tchaknow? Pillars, We Bow In Its Aura, Unbreakable, and some other songs I don’t know the name of, am too dumb to remember, or just didn’t know made an appearance in this set, with not a single boring tune to spare. It only fits that they’re one of Sumericore’s finest.

So yeah, don’t go to Providence unless you know where the fuck yer goin’. Point blank.


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