Ramlord at PT-109, And The Day Boston Got Interesting

Blackened D-Beat/Crust with some nice melodic sections from New Hampshah Fa Damn Shah. They put on quite a good show, and if it weren’t crowded ass PT-109 and a crowd of people who probably didn’t want to lose all the buttons they put on their jackets and vests, or were possibly too stoned, there would’ve been a little violence. I gotta say, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected I would. As for the rest of the bands, skipped out and got pizza and fries. YEEEYUHHHH.

Now that that’s out of the way, time for something I haven’t done in a loooooong fucking time. NON CONCERT NARRATIVE!

Fuckin’ A, it’s been too long. How I missed you, reflecting on everyday life. I’m sure all 4 or 5 of you that read this post probably did too.

So, it was gonna be a so-so day: Wake up early, go to work, wish I were not working but still getting paid, getting kicked out of work early because people are stingy, not encounter anyone interesting, procrastinate, rinse, feed, kill, repeat.


So here’s the dizzeal, complete with somewhat related pictures.

1. Drunk Native-American Erykah Badu fan who flashed me the metal horns, somehow divining my music taste.

Hooray for stereotypes!

Either that or he knew was giving me props for having a Sigh shirt on and I missed it because he was words cannot enter drunk, and thus the only things I understood were South Station(though he got off at Central Square), Erykah Badu(he “fuckin’ loves that shit”), something about Africa, and I don’t fuckin’ know, but he was a very nice guy. Should’ve got his name, but I’d probably get Mrnugnub Lergytigmb.

2. Some old Black guy singing incoherently about someone drinking water and strumming a nice acoustic riff.

Thug Life, OG

If I were to review his performance, it’d be “He drank da water” in varying colors, inflections, and fonts, because that’s all I could understand. It was otherwise, an okay song, but it got progressively more hilarious as he yelled “HE DRANK DA WATER” and mumbled something or other about this water consumer’s life. I’m clueless, but it was a good show nonetheless. I’m feeling a strong 8 out of 10 on this one.

3. The Most Ethnically And Causally Confused Parade Of All time

Fistful of Huh?

All I know is this made crossing the street a little awkward, and the parade seemed to shift from Nawlinz band to Chinese New Year to hipsters and back again. My brain was full of fuck. And I had to go to the bank.

3. A School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts student requests my assistance with a project involving fridge magnet poetry.

Might as well.

And uh… not much else to say there. Though it was fun to do. I think my sentence was had something to do with a plague of insanity and destroying a planet. The guy seemed to like it, and that I was pretty enough for a picture. Pictures shall be posted of that sometime in the future.

So yeah, go away now.


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