Too Cool To Leave School: Thou at the School Of The Museum Of The War Of The Death Of The Strike Of The Sword Of The Blood Of Fine Arts

So yeah, it happened, and it was awesome. I was expecting seating in an auditorium, similar to Berklee, but nope, just a little floor space with a spiral staircase to the left, and breakable looking glass to the right. Luckily, no one got put through the stairs or fell down the windows.



Not much to say, but damn they sounded angry. Powerviolence on… heroin? Speed? Whatever. Not much occurred, but the vocals had a powerful echo to them, which made it feel 15 degrees colder.

The Proselyte

Maximum the Hormone audition tape

In a similar fashion to the noun upon which their name is based, some may not dig their Sludgy grooves, likening them to Bison B.C. sans the good, but they grow on you like a rapidly developing slime mold, and you feel compelled to air bass and headbang slowly. Helped that the songs near the end of their set pulled out a little bit more melody, making it less of a twangfest and more an event of clouds opening to reveal sunlight. They’re also quite hairy!

In Defence

...Fuck this shit!

Let’s circle pit!


So, looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow(today?) fur shur. My shins are still fucked from two-steppin, half-steppin, wall-to-wall pits(literally), and the aforementioned stairclepit. Having to occasionally climb stairs or run in my busy, busy life didn’t help, either. But yeah, they are new favorite band potential based on that one song alone, and all the other stuff they played(including a cover of Ready To Fight by Negative Approach) was great too. Damn near 50/50 Thrash and Hahdcoah, khed. The vocalist was nice enough to take a fan request for a song they never play live, and repeat the chorus of Don’t Call Me A Moshist one last time so someone could pull a beastly bodyspring crowdsurf Ninja Turtle Style into a net of meat and bone. Must experience again.


This bat’s dick is fucked.
This statement is false

Coincidentaly, I wore my ‘Vitus shirt to this show because of Thou, even though I’d not heard a note of their Sludgy Doomy Dooms Of Doom, much like all the other bands there. So yeah, I went in blind, and came out blinder. Holy fuck, this is heavier than star matter. In the vein of Weedeater, Electric Wizard, and Buzzov*en, only with some stabs at melody to get you out of the murk and smoke.

Most surprising thing about this set was the resurgence of pitting, and a couple of badass crowdsurfs. Normally Sludge is chill-the-fuck-out or spazz silently in a 3 foot circle you call your own, but this crowd decided to become enraptured in wave motion. I think I nearly fell down the stairs a couple times there during Smoke Pigs.

Class A controlled substance

There’s a strange beauty to Thou’s work, even though it is coated in the grime of forgotten civilizations and the blood of sacrificed thousands. Hark, winter is gonna be here soon, and I’m gonna need to stockpile the most depressing shite out there for snowgazing, so come aboard, Thou, and we shall revel in dirt. I’m starting to suck at writing so I quit for tonight. Next up, I review the most non-reactionary crowd ever at Born Of Fire with Motherbore and friends.


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