Allston, I fucking hate you. Acaro at the Great Scott

You anger me, you and your silently agreed upon “Let’s Not Mosh When It’s Appropriate” policy that comes into effect at some of the worst times. I can barely bring myself to write about this show. And the opener was balls.

Swarm Of Eyes

This picture is fucked.

Words cannot enter how mediocre this band is. Bless their little hearts for their efforts, and this was their first live, so they’ll naturally not be the bestest band ever, but c’mon… The vocalist was spazmodical, going from the Metalcore vocalist stance with an arm behind his back, to a Corpsegrinder wide stance, getting down on one knee looking like he was preparing to be knighted, sprinking fairy dust at the crowd, and that whisper of “... I am not alone!” that could very well have been lifted from a Sonata Arctica joint. And he introduced. The whole. Goddamn. Band. NOBODY EVEN KNOWS YOU! Aside from the small legion of “fans” who are probably just friends of the band, wearing their merch, which looks like it was made in Cafepress by someone who thinks skulls and devil faces are scary. To say nothing of the Korn riffs(which the vocalist said later that he thought they avoided…), the burping “growled” vocals from the bassist(who looks like a mix of Charlie Sheen and Ben Stiller), the attempts at Wah pedal solos that sounded like a tortured animal, or the absolutely boring rhythm sections… Never had it been so obvious that the solos were just placeholders so the vocalist could catch his breath.

Despite railing these guys hard, it’s obvious that they’re passionate about what they do, and I can respect that, but I don’t think anyone but their “fans” enjoyed it. Last but for goddamn fucken sure not least.

They had… Their own… Banner.


Your Metalcore Name Pain Is Endearing


Death Ray Vision

When it’s overcast, no shadows fall.

So Brian Fair’s newest expedition isn’t as fun as Overcast or Shadows Fall, but it’s still fun, y’know? It’s a bit more on the Hard Rockin’ side of Hardcore, bringing a bit of speed and aggression in the form of the occasional breakdown and circlepitty bits. No movement because Allston’s full of fucks.


None So Bald

So uh… they played Throne Of Blood and no one died. I have nothing more to say.


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