Disrespect The Space: DIY Punk show at The Midway Café

This happened last Sunday, and I’m just now writing about it on less than 5 hours of sleep. But that’s what happens when you camp in a metropolitan area with no pillows or blankets. You get no sleep. Let’s move this along.

The Ear Bleeds

Side Effects May Include Red Staining On The Sides Of Your Face And Looking Like Stu From Rugrats

Just seeing the liberty spikes and toothbrushhawk of the vocalist/guitarist and bassist respectively might give you a bad first impression, but they’re actually pretty catchy. As in you hear the song once and the main riff is stuck in your head for 4 days. They only have four songs, so getting into them isn’t difficult if you’re into Punk Rawk that sounds like it was made in the 80s, sandpaper throated kid vocals and all. Grab free pins and a patch for kvlt cred.

Ancient Filth

Good Samaritans make the hahdcoah scene go round.

The above picture is not a flash-in-the-pan moment where the vocalist stumbles once, and a lucky photographer happened to capture it. Having seen Ancient Filth twice(once being in a basement whose ceiling is now wrecked thanks to them), it’s clear now that the vocalist is into it. REALLY into it. So into it, he seems to lose control of his ability to stand up and not look like he’s having a seizure. Despite all this, he manages to get every yell into a peculiarly held microphone, which is danksauce, because incoherent yelling is what Hardcore Punk is about. And I’m not sure if he did this in the aforementioned basement show, but he showed up funky as he wanted to be, with a shirt sporting painted on stentences, the grammar of which would make Noam Chomsky have night terrors. ‘Twas a good set, full of ferocious tempos, lots of yelling, and some atmospheric stench.

Toxic NarcOpposition Rising

Obviously not political.

Opposition Rising is parts Toxic Narcotic and parts Reggae/Ska. Imagine LöC but with yells instead of rasps, and a more straightforward approach in the Hardcore vein. Tempos damn impossible to throw down to(circle pit advised), and songs so catchy you could hum the main riffs for days, the best of which being Debt Sentence and Pink Slip Murder-Suicide. Ah yes, happy pro-capitalist tunes for the whole family!

In Defence

How’re you supposed to eat tacos through a slit that thin?

There was not nearly enough energy in this set. CALL MORE FUCKIN’ DUDES.  There’s no excuse for people to be not moving to Don’t Be A Moshist. Blame the shite Midway for being a venue that doesn’t look very circle friendly. Doing a run around the block would’ve been good, y’know. Aside from the critical failure to communicate that circlepits create energy that should be harnessed to solve the world’s energy crisis, it was an entertaining set still, maintaining a light air even when the songs were about corporate corruption and police asshattery. A crowd like that of the Wednesday before would have made this show taste even better, for certain.

And now for an additional bit of badly written information: In Defence was badass enough to show up for the Occupy Boston protests before heading down to Rhode Island to continue their tour. The vocalist of Ancient Filth was also there(significantly less funky), and several people from bands and labels in New England have reportedly been showing up in droves to say their piece. It’s refreshing to see people who write songs about the government sucking going out to say it in the streets. And with that, I awkwardly send you off. Hello!


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