Well that was unexpected. Hedfux at HiGate

I was under the impression that last Friday was just gonna be a party, but hey, the added benefit of live music is fine too. I am now obligated to write about it due to my predilection for upholding journalistic integrity. By the way, I’m a journalist. Internetically.

Andrew Fuckin’ Lowrey

Fuck you, he has no pictures of just him because he’s kvlt.

Mister Lowry is what I will call Acoustic Punk Rawk for lack of a better word… or phrase. He plays an acoustic guitar(obv), and his lyrics are humorous. Humerus. His style would almost have you believe he just strolled in without having lyrics thought up ahead of time, but rest assured, there’s something meticulously calculated about his flow and rhymes. And speaking of rhythm, how ’bout all the hip-hop homages and what essentially became an open-mic rap battle? Hot damn, I haven’t felt this white since I tried to sound Black that one time.

Fort! The Band

You enjoying the show, lil' lady? How bout some dick?

Andrew F-Word Lowry’s acoustic grindcore performance was simply a warm-up for his Ska/Reggae/Punk band that sounds a bit like Leftover Crack but less “Fuck the world and everybody in it” and more “Hanging out with your friends is awesome.” Got some good skankin’ action in too, as you must skank to any ska band that has a live trombonist. The difference between Fort! and other ska bands is their refusal to wear 3-piece suits, and opt instead for whatever the hell they want, which is great, because tweed does not breathe, I tell ya. Their guitarist had a kickarse Darkthrone – Transylvanian Hunger shirt, which I made sure to eye hungrily whenever he looked my way for maximum creepage. And you know a show is good when you fall on a couch several times due to rowdy pushpits. I hereby decree more venues should have couches.


I’m really settling here.

Alrighty, so that was a fucked up image search, I tell ya. As much as I hate resorting to Myspace for these, my need to sexually satisfy the reader comes before my pride.

Not much to say about the band, aside from their sound being aggressive as fuck Hardcore with some dirty sludge sections. The crowd seemed to love it, as there was enough movement to get a load of clothes done. It was so chaotic that I was having a hard time keeping track of who was in the band. A tall blonde guy with either fucked up dreads or a sheet of noodles attached to his head seemed to be on vocals at times, but then again he could’ve just been going for audience participation points. The real vocalist had his back turned to the crowd and thus looked like part of the crowd, and about halfway into the set I found out they have two guitarists, as one was standing off in the corner doin’ his thang. It was weird, but I liked it, kinda like being tied up.

And there ya have it. I’m getting worse at these as we go along.


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