NekoNekoNeko? But My Mom’s Allergic! Melt BiNawNaw at T.T. The Bear’s Place

Unless you can read Katakana, get the folk out.

I missed the fuck out of Boris just days before due to no money and er… forgetfulness, and had found out about this show just the night before. With a sorrowful gaze, I uttered to me lass, almost drooling out the words “Oh, I guess I’m gonna have to miss MxBx as well as Boris all in the space of a week…” Cue single manly tear rolling down my cheek. Perish the thought! Missing two great Japanese bands in three days would activate some serious DSBM urges.But alas, my gal scored us tickets, and all I had to do was pull an all-nighter… academically. Fuck Excel and Steve Harvey by the way. But onto the damn review.

Could be cuter

“But Seanypants, weren’t there two openers?”

Well yeah, but they were shite “Indie Rock” bands trying so hard to be unique, artsy, and in the first one’s case, funny, that they missed the mark on all three counts.

And they fuckin’ blew.

Now for the real music, which is like putting an overly caffeinated Dead Kennedys in a blender with several rapping mice, an ambulance, a turntable, and a one of those massive supercomputers that needed about 50 full-time staff to operate and hitting frappe. Believe it or not, the appeal comes from sounding like something you’d only be able to make on copious amounts of cocaine, LSD, and Shojo anime.


Melt-Banana are what one could call Art-Grind/J-Punk/Experimental Rock, because you’re not gonna get a solid genre out of these guys even on their most lucid of intervals. They alternate between blasting Grind sections, Hardcore two-step sections, twangy Indie Rock chord laced rhythms, Electronica, and occasionally strange high-speed Avant-Garde Engrish rap. It’s fucked. But it’s great.

Sadly, was not played

So, as for the actual songs they played, lots that I knew, a few that I didn’t, so I was a satisfied customer. Having owned a physical copy of MxBx1998/13000MILES AT LIGHT VEROCITY  for years now, it’s nice to finally see those songs come to life(yes I know it’s a greatest hits of sorts. Put away your keyboards). Among the epics played were We Love Choco-Pa, RRaGG, Shield For Your Eyes, The Beast In the Well On your Hand, Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold, Scrubber, His Name Is Mickey, etc. Lemme tell ya, that pit did not stop as long as there were sounds being made. Whether Ichirou was just making sounds akin to a giant baby wipe on a skyscraper or Riko was grooving away, it was perpetual back and forth motion and a lot of people moving around a lot. As for the crowd, it was pretty diverse, including Metalheads, Punk d00dz, and thick-framed glasses kids that like their rock like Marquis de Sade liked his sex: Unconventional. Stage banter was nigh-indecipherable, being a mix between Engrish and real Japanese, and it didn’t help that the weeaboos among us shouted ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU, ANATA GA DAISUKI and KAWAII between songs. It really didn’t.

Some smart aleck asked energetic frontwoman Yasuko why the tour is called the NekoNekoNeko tour. She replied in her normal cutesy squeak “Because cats are kyuuuuute!” Goddamn I love ’em.


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