I’m So Behind It Ain’t Even Funny, So Here’s A Solid Rock Block

In order to clean up all the shows I haven’t reviewed yet, I’ll make it as short’n’sweet as I can. Kinda like a Twinkie but with no preservatives. Savvy?

Halloween Metal Bash at Champion’s Café

So I went to this show under the false pretense of it being 18+, but had a bit of standing awkwardly outside the venue to do as I had only entered last time due to the manager being away and no one caring who was old enough to legally decrease their motor skills. In that case, much of the listening and viewing was done from outside, and this meant missing the Mario and Luigi costumes of everyone’s favorite Tradcore band Ruins Of Amarna. A major difference between this time and the last is that the guitar is now tuned to drop C as opposed to drop A, letting Nic’s natural wimpiness shine through instead of forcing him to be a baritone. It worked, fellas, now keep it this way. New bassist Mike played bass, and that’s all I can say about that. In Hahm’s way played a fun set, as… er… usual? I’ve only seen them twice but I assume they’re always this precise and colorful. Watching Pete Legato pick while drinking beer will never get old.

BREAKING NEWS! T-Bone is no longer in the Ruins, and is off to see the wizard, who will hopefully gift him with people to start a Death Metal band with.

Saints And Sinners Tour at The House Of Blues

Plant Vochestra

Fuckin’ missed it. The best Experimental A-Capella Technical Deathjazz/Blues Fusion band that only forms in the presence of BtBaM and TRC compounds in extreme heat will probably not happen for another few years…


I think the only people who liked this band were the people in Periphery shirts and the bassist of the band itself. Damn these guys are boring. It’s like a third rate version of [insert Djent band here] with good song intros. They’d make an okay Post-Rock band if they cut out the polyrhythm fuckery.

The Red Chord

I’m kinda sad that they went second, meaning that there was a severe violence deficiency and it wasn’t nearly long enough. They did however, get to crank out crowd-killers like Demoralizer, Hymns And Crippled Anthems, Birdbath, Hour Of Rats, Antman(got a nice circle goin’), and Dreaming In Dog Years. As one of the special guests invited just for the Boston date, they made sure to use what little time they had to leave your butt hurtin’.

Animals As Leaders

Fuckin’ flawless. It’s no wonder people believe Tosin is just a very charismatic robot sent back in time to wow humanity with his musical prowess. The visuals were great, making you feel like you were in hyperspace while the at once soothing and energizing tunes On Impulse, CAFO, Tempting Time ,Wave Of Babies, et. al., and a few new tracks to throw in some tangy flava. Definitely armchair music in the best way.

Cave In

Didn’t get much of a chance to explore a lot of their stuff, but just know that their music is divided into three camps: Aggressive Metallic Hardcore with jagged riffs you don’t want to fall face first into, Eerily upbeat Punk/Hardcore, and Space Rock. I’m guessing some of the fans of their Space Rock work came on LSD and er… had a right old good time to it. Lots of walking like they were in an undersea kemp forest battling seahorses with Tai Chi. But other than that, the pits were as violent as Boston Hardcore should be. Yet another special guest invited by BtBaM of their godly generosity.

Between The Buried And Me

I’m just gonna link ya to a setlist, mkay? Lemme just say there was more than sufficient bloodshed, and the medley was amazing, so fuck all who didn’t like it.

Buncha random bands at PT-109


Once again, didn’t smell too bad from a distance, and provided a good amount of Booty Bass/Porn Groove to keep me standing through the performance.


Beangrind is fun. I liked watching the drummer of Lords Of Ram stomp back and forth with a 40 of Pabst in one hand.

The Communion

Pretty ok Grind band from I’m Too Lazy To Look It Up, USA. Not much to say about them except the vocalist vases sideways instead of to the front or the drummer.

Close Call + Scapegoat at The Middle East

Not much happened here, just know that New Lows’ crowd was lethargic, the vocalist of Sweet Jesus is in idgaf mode when he pits, and Close Call is awesome. At least what they played. And their vocalist is even more Oreolic than I. Praise the lawd!


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