Well Ain’t This Just Peculiar?

Burial is a Brutal Death Metal band that came out of Framingham, and have been dead for a while. They were pretty decent as I found after making a random purchase at Armageddon Records shop of their album Enlightened With Pain because the cover’s so pwetty.

Since this CD came out in the year 2000

it has one of them neat little sections where they thank all the bands that influenced them or played with them. It has all your standard fare; Deicide, Skinless, Cannibal Corpse, the like. But then lookie here!

All That Goshdarn Remains. Shortened to All That Remains for poetic effect.

So as you can see from that extremely blurry picture, their thanks lie not only with the superheroes of Brutal Death Metal like Mortician and Suffocation, but with Mass Metalcore giants ATR. Holee sheeit. Burial sound like this:

Whereas All That Remains’ sound is familiar to just about everyone on this planet who claims to listen to heavy music.

Stranger things have and will continue to happen, but that was one little oddity I’ve been forgetting to point out for a while.


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