Invoker EP Review: Now In Real Time!

Since the young’uns in Invoker… in Invoker… heh. Moving on. The young’uns in Invoker are interested in my opinion on their brand booty shakin’ new EP, so I’m gonna give it to ’em gently. We’re going live, and it’s gonna hurt. This oughta hold the one of you lot waiting patiently for my review of the -core show in Kingston, and if not, you’re fat.


Opens up with a neat little Speed Metal riff, so far, so Holy Grail. Kickass little track that’s reminiscent of the 80’s, complete with steady double bass, harmonizing leads, and riffs that tell you to bang yer head. Gang shouts and clear pronunciation of the lyrics will definitely be a plus in the audience participation arena. The chorus is good, just needs a bit more punch. It’s reminiscent of Trivium, and whether or not it’s intentional, it sits well. Following is what one would call a breakdown, so expect to duck some spinkicks before the solo(which is nice).

Path Of Frost

A little bit of a folky undertone in the opening riff, I like. The verse is sung with a dramatic flair that definitely adds some emotion to the song that otherwise would be missing if it were any different. A couple notes here and there are off, but they’re a new band that have been around for a year, maybe a little more, so they can be excused. The chorus(?) has some far away vocals that imply someone’s lost, and it’s confirmed with a shout of GONE! FOREVER! Handy little touch there, lads! Another major scale solo before some nice headbang riffs, followed by another solo over said riffs. A little repetitive, but it’s certainly not the kind that wears on your soul, and if anything will just help the song stick better. The folky riff returns and the song ends similarly to the last.

Paradise Gained, Paradise Lost

A little more Thrash influence makes itself known here with a bit more double bass and chunky riffing reminiscent of(insert 80s Thrash band). A couple solos come in to cool it down, but it still remains in the upper mid-paced eschelons. Certainly a crowd-mover for drunk long-hairs in patch jackets and leather. Not much to say about this one, but it’s one of the most kickass tracks so far.


Back to the 80’s Heavy Metal riffing and lyrics that should inspire some epic posing/mouthing the lyrics with an invisible orange in hand. The chorus features more galloping guitars and drums, and vocals that flit between angry shouts and standard Heavy Metal vocalization keep it mixed up so as to keep it from being too homogenous. The riff that follows is a badass rocker that should get some stomping back and forth in the pits(should there be any). Following that is another solid riff with a solo that tries to stand out from the others on the EP by showcasing different emotions.It starts out a sounding a little sorrowful and graduates to sounding heroic near the end, if that makes any sense. Probably doesn’t, but go fuck you. A strong headbanger is always a great way to close a debut EP by an up-and-comer.

Invoker has played with big local Heavy Metal acts such as In Harm’s Way and Crypter, and I can definitely see them opening up for Power/Heavy Metal shows in the future. Keep it up boyos, and burn all the Bibles!


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