Y’know What? Ancient Filth at the Box Fort, that’s what.

Let’s get this freakshow on the road, I’ve got body bags to fill.


The day shoes were considered breaking edge?

I liked this here band from Joisey, as they weren’t dicks about being straightedge. Hell they weren’t even dicks at all, miraculous considering that they’re from the helluva misnomer Garden State, which produced Waking The Cadaver and the Jonas Brothers. They provide you with standard but still pretty good hardcore in the form of everything you imagine hardcore to be, really. Only problem was a muffled vocal sound, so the vocalist may as well have been shouting from behind a wall of pita bread about 3 feet thick. Other than that, the riffs were clear and punchy, and the drumming hit to key. I shall certainly give ’em another listen sometime in the future.

Shattered Badge

Lol, this space is too small for a band to be playing

This band brought forth a bit more anger in their act, with Thrashy hardcore that rips faces. Sadly the crowd didn’t react in kind. Maybe it’s because they’re from Oxnard? Which looks like this?

Pure fucken hatred seethes from that coastline

Positive Noise

Grr. Argh.

Clangy and noisy Hardcore from Michigan. I don’t really have much to say about ’em except they weren’t bad. I think I was busy chatting it up with a fatty during their set.

Ancient Filth

The Human Spider Unmasked!

Ancient Filth is symbolic of pure Punk Rock euphoria. A swirling mass of heaving bodies, cacophony abound, humanity’s will to destroy unchained. It was a fucken off the wall show. A ceiling pipe was ripped apart by the monkey punks who found solace in playing Spiderman, and said monkey punks were becoming an object of concern. Had they ripped a gas pipe, that’d be the end of punk in basements for a long time. Luckily, no one died, and the show went on as crazy as ever. With the b0x f0rt already missing part of a wall, and Ancient Filth’s crazed rockers having a bone to pick with ceilings in Allston, nothing particularly insane went down. The Wadzilla Mansion experienced some severe ceiling Shoryukening, and the b0x f0rt is missing a cosmetic pipe, que sirrah, sirrah. Oh and the music was good, true to form for these habitual destroyers of roofs. Ancient Filth are Punk Rock, and that’s all you can say about them. They’re out for blood and asbestos. Go see them in a basement, and try to avoid injury or cave ins.

Up next shall be a review of my first foray into What We Talk About When We Talk About Partying. Hopefully the mouthful of a name alone will stay the inevitable busting. Bon nuit!


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