Refused Is Fucking Alive, And At The Drive-In Is Now Showing Attack Of The Giant Leeches

Pictured: Zombies

You heard it here first. Second if you read American Aftermath. Third if you use Facebook and have friends into Metal/Punk. Fifteenth if you cruise sites that have posted this a week ago. Yes, it is true, the godfathers of brainy Punk Rock wizardry have been necromantically summoned from 13 years in the grave to resume their desecration of what the populace falsely perceives as punk, post-hardcore, and straight up hardcore as well.

When in Rome, grow a fro.

In related news, fellow progenitors of Post-Hardcore At The Drive-In have made their return as well, hinting at a zombie apocalypse soon to come. I’m sure I’ll be much more excited when I actually begin listening to them. So for now, this.

So get excited, get scared, get horny, whatever. Celebrate!


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