Untombed Burger In A Boring Sesame Seed Bun at the Middle East Upstairs

Going to this was a product of coercion, and missing my “parents”, however I have recently found that one of my brothers is a Cylon and I must kill him.


Come no closer, lest you lose your mind.

I hadn’t seen Scalpel in about a year or so, and it feels good to rediscover what they sounded like. I could’ve sworn they were a bit more on the Deathgrind side last time, but now it seems they’re Blackened Death Metal with hints of Slam and a lot of cold melodies. The vocalist kicked arse, bringing an insane ability to shift from blood-curdling(that phrase again) shrieks and guttural growls all within the space of a few er… words? Anyhow, I think Alonso is vying to be one of the best Death Metal vocalists in Massachusetts, if not the whole scene with this blasphemous spewing of filth.

The guitars were great, the bass was loud and crisp, and the drumming was a bit unrefined at parts, but overall it held together to form a cohesive monster that looks to dissect and consume your senses. That was cheesy as fuck, but I’m running out of clever things to say here. Go listen to some fuckin’ Scalpel.


Well  I am officially lost as to how I forgot Dysentery even existed. Blame it on the alcohol.