I am an enormous weeaboo Part 2

And the fun continues! No fauxhon from me, bitches.


Sounds Like: Old school hook-laden Punk Rock with that J-Rock feel and a Misfits fetish. Now they play “Digital Hardcore”, dunno what that is, really, but it sounds like Maximum The Hormone.

403 Forbiddena

Sounds Like: Er… Power Metal, Hip-Hop, J-Pop, and RPG soundtracks. I’ll link the lattermost.


Sounds Like: Souped up Glam Metal, Power Metal, or Prog Metal depending on what album/song. You can practically hear the Visual Kei dripping like misapplied mascara.


Sounds Like: Electronica influenced J-Rock, sometimes reins it in to be just melodic and flowery stuff.

Matenrou Opera

Sounds Like: Symphonic “Metal” with massive hooks.


Sounds Like: Aggressive, dark and heavy J-Rock with ridiculously low distortion but an uncanny sense of melody.


Sounds Like: Nice low-key(but not too much so) J-Rock, soft on the ears consistently, no sudden yelling like with other J-bands

The Pillows

Sounds Like: Alternative Rock similar to L’arc~En~Ciel done with that unbeatable sense of Japanese catchiness.


Sounds Like: Pop-Punk songs about misaimed affection, but you’ll like it, trust me. 


Sounds Like: Progressive-ish Hard Rock, apparently metal enough to be on Metal Archives.

Versailles Philharmonic Quartet

Sounds Like: Symphonic Power Metal, and it’s queer as hell.

Hizaki Grace Project

Sounds Like: Neo-Classical/Power Metal in the vein of Versailles, but more hit-or-miss.

Sex Machineguns

Sounds Like: Good timey Heavy/Power Metal with hints of Thrash and a great sense of humour. 

Blood Stain Child

Sounds Like: In Flames with more discoteque. Used to just be a CoB ripoff.


Sounds Like: Good ol’ fashioned Heavy Metal with traditional Japanese elements and some heavier moments thrown in to keep your attention.

Lacroix Despheres

Sounds Like: Chamber Music with Power Metal kinda thrown in as an afterthought

Moi Dix Mois

Sounds Like: Goffick Metal that’s a bit too J-Rock for the Metal crowd, with a bit of a Symphonic Black Metal approach in all but the vocals.

Bathtub Shitter

Sounds Like: Abrasive humourous Grindcore, not for those with weak noses. 

Shonen Knife

Sounds Like: Goofy and adorable Pop Rock with fleeting influences from old school Punk and Metal.

Guitar Wolf

Sounds Like: Dirty fuzzy Garage Rock that likes beer and leather


Sounds Like: Playfully melodramatic J-Rock that’s not afraid to experiment with different styles.


Sounds Like: imagining your favorite 80s Anime themes done by your favorite 80s Speed Metal bands.

You have no idea how grateful you should be for my generosity in splitting this post in two. Why, I nearly died from the extra two minutes of effort! Ungrateful reader, a loser art thou. Fight me in Japantown about it.


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