Happy Belated Valentines Day To All You Sissies

The faces of this amorous celebration.

Alright, here’s a buncha songs with the word Love in the title. Fill up on this until I actually come up with something to er… write. Until then, enjoy your chocolate and a live re-enactment of St. Valentine’s beheading.

"Most Metal holiday. EVER."

Grave – In Love

Not sure if this is the Necromantic sort, but it’ll pass.

Strapping Young Lad – Love

As much as a man who suffers violent mood swings when intoxicated can afford to.

Kamelot – Love You To Death

But I might look for another partner some time after you die, just so ya know.

Pg. 99 – In Love With An Apparition

Better to have loved a ghost than only your hand, they always say.

Phil Collins – Can’t Hurry Love

Says who? You? Go sit on your Oscar.

The Red Chord – Love On The Concrete


I do believe my attempt at a mind-breaking infinite recursion failed, but that hurts considerably less.

Black Flag – I Love You

That’s awful sweet of ya Rollins, but I like ’em on the Twinkie side.

The Beatles – She Loves you

Or at least you hope so, otherwise that’s gonna be an awkward first kiss.

Sing it, sista.


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