Tera Melos are actually pretty good

Invading Mad Pussy, Yo

I feel bad about having written this band off when they opened for Melt Banana, having given them another listen. I almost wish I could say the same about Grass Is Green, but they will serve in Hell for eternity in my mind for their crimes against Indie Rock. This band has properly redeemed itself, and I duly apologize, with self-harming penance scheduled for Leap Day. Part of this is also writing about something that isn’t metal or hardcore related just because, so you’re welcome.

What The Fuck Does It Sound Like?

Mathy, angular guitar pyrotechnics neatly lifted from Post-Hardcore bands like Hot Cross and I Am Alaska and placed atop tumultuous Indie Rock the likes of little known Auto Interiors. Sometime soon I’ll upload all of Auto’s No Frills Halo Flight album to YouTube so you can get a better feel for this comparison. If any of SOPA’s bastard offspring mutates successfully into a freedom destroying entity hellbent on stifling fun on the internet, then tough luck. They also have tinges of Jazz, raucus Hardcore Punk, Noise, and just straight up effect drenched sections from OUTER SPACE that make this unsafe to listen to while on LSD.

And Why The Fuck Should I Care?

You skeptical loony. Are you retarded? Did you reeeead the description above? This is like… art, man. All that pretentious Needle Drop on roids stuff aside, this is —pardon the cliché— probably something you’ll listen to and say “WOW! That’s unique”, because it kinda is. Yes, there are probably a lot of other bands making similar noise, but Tera Melos is here doing it right. Not too much polish, yet they show that they can keep a good melody or groove in between shooting you to hyperspace.

And that’s all I got for you. Were you disappointed? So was I. Until then, just listen to this until I decide I’ve found something worthy of writing about, eh?


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