Fucked As Punk

And after an unexplained absence, I am back! It definitely had nothing to do with being voluntarily moored in Connecticut for Spring Break. Nothing at all. So proceeding as normal.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been falling more in love with what the kids these days refer to as Punk Rock, in all of its forms; dirty, spikey, unkempt, thuggish, and clean-shaven. Something’s just so irresistable about the way the guitars and drums seem to claw at one another for air while the vocals lead the pack in anguished howls or pissed off shouting. It’s a downward spiral in which missing a shower or two is kind of excusable, and ripped pants are not necessarily the end of the world. Throw in a dash of applied phlebotonium, a few quarts of cheap beer, and dialing back your self-preservation instincts a tad to enjoy thyself, you’re well on your way to antidisestablishmentarianirvanha. Vandalism of public and private property certainly not required, but it’s a huge plus.

Cerebral Ballzy

Sounds Like: High energy Punk Rock that could have come out of the 80s when everyone found out what skateboards, beer, and pretty young ladies can do to a man.

Frenzal Rhomb

Sounds Like: Vegan Aussies angry at everything, including you, and venting through melodic Punk/Hardcore.


Sounds Like: Borderline Misfits worship, but with that J-flavor you’ve come to expect from a band of their country.


Sounds Like: Seething crusty hatred of authority figures.

Pg. 99

Sounds Like: A burst of noise and poetry that is at once scary and beautiful.

Ancient Filth

Sounds Like: Dirty basements everywhere, and sociopolitical content that will make you want to be less of a narcissistic asshole.

Trash Talk


Skin Like Iron

Sounds Like: Melodic but raw Hardcore packin’ some serious energy.

Limp Wrist

Sounds Like: The rage of LGBTQ oppression that knows how to laugh at itself.


Sounds Like: Drunken Washington D.C. punks that don’t like your attitude. Or Jesus.


Sounds Like: Depending on the era, it’s either straight up Punk, Crust, or Thrashcore. Whatever genre they’re playing, it’s angry Finnish guys that hate injustice.

Lights Out

Sounds Like: Californian Hardcore that’s probably angry about so many other non-Hardcore bands sharing a name with them.

Fucked Up

Sounds Like: If you mixed what is commonly called Indie Rock containing soft spoken female voices with angry vitriolic Hardcore vocals. It’s a lot better than it sounds.

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Sounds Like: Anti-Folk Punk that will tell you straight up; life sorta sucks and will fuck you. But in the most eerily upbeat way.

Close Call

Sounds Like: What Boston Hardcore is all about. Having fun while making some racket.

Gorilla Biscuits

Sounds Like: New Yorkers that want to lead better lives and use melodic Hardcore to tell people to stop being jerks.

Fuck you.


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