Ramming Speedwolf at What We Talk About When We Talk About Scraping Your Knee


Well thank you very much, WordPress, for changing the layout of the posting thing while I was away for over a week. Now you’ve made this about 3 times as hard, yay! Grumblings aside, I solemnly swear I was up to no good.

Led To The Grave


Led To The Grave plays Thrash/Death Metal with a touch of Black Metal, and that’s about all there is to know, really. Nothing spectacular or mindblowing, you’ve heard it all at some point. If you haven’t, then make these guys your number 1 until you hear Revocation. It’s a simple blend of extreme metal styles, with tremolo picking, blasting, chunky headbangers, etc. I’m not saying discount them altogether, but don’t despair if you’re not entirely wowed by their fare. See, I can’t even come up with anything amusing today, so let’s keep this rock block rolling. If blocks can roll.

Ancient Filth



Oh fucken’ hell. Is there ever gonna be a show where the band themselves or the crazed punks don’t destroy at least one thing? At least this time the damage was minimal, with only a bag of discarded newspapers being kept in the bass drum being ripped open by the rabid wolverine they call a vocalist. And I can officially say that I’ve scraped both knees from this place, the first time being two weeks ago during Barn Burner. I bungled a jump hardcore, but it don’t matter, cos it don’t need no water.

Yes, this band always brings the fuckin’ ruckus, in case you haven’t heard. Listen to me for a change.



F is for Friends Who Take Silly Pictures Together

 Speedwolf is Motörhead on some form of stimulant drug. It’s hard, it’s raw, and it makes you want to drink, but from joy and not sadness. Speedwolf live up to their name quite well, as they’d go great on a mixtape with the words “Break The Speed Limit” scrawled messily on it in sharpies or the blood of some clown that made the mistake of challenging your manly self to a bottleknife fight. WWTAWWTAU is a tiny space with no cooling or ventilation, and a lot of people were moving around as though in a non-lethal blender, so naturally following the intensity of Ancient Filth with the non-stop crowd-surfery and headbangery of Speedwolf made the air become too soupy to breathe. Damn human meatbags producing heat and such. This is my first exposure to Speedwolf, and I think I’ll allow the infection to spread further through my nervous system.

Ramming Speed


Positively electrifying

I missed Ramming Speed since I saw them open up for something at the Great Scott. Yeah, I can’t remember, and I’m too lazy to go look, so fuck off. All I know is that I’m glad to report the energy level here was enough to fry a few land mammals, because when I saw them the most they got was a bit of headbanging and a few superstitious folks warding off the evil-eye for Jove knows why. This time around it was crowd-surf fest 2012, and there was rarely a moment where I was able to just rest without having to worry about a Doc Marten to the back of the neck.

Ramming Speed are either one of the thrashiest Hardcore bands or the most hardcore Thrash bands, mixing Thrash and Grind with skank and circlepit rhythms that would make D.R.I. and Napalm Death brofist with pride. Speaking of D.R.I., I have perfected the art form of the Skankin’ man. I nearly fell and broke my neck slipping on beer while doing it, but that must be the all-important secret. Near death experiences are a must if you wanna be hard.


Protective bubble not included

We laughed, we cried, we avoided arrest by the Boston Pork Division, and all was well. Here’s to hoping this venue survives to see the fall of civilization.


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