Track/Video Review: Amongst Carrion – We That Should Not Be

Who The Fuck Are These Guys?

Nubile Metalcore act from Wales. And be nice! They’ve most likely been featured in Metal Hammer (which has gotten so icky I can scarcely touch it), having recently put out a new EP and video, but oddly enough felt the need to reach out to your friendly neighborhood reviewer/general slacker for an opinion. Feels good, and I mean it man.

So, What Do They Even Sound Like?

A bottom heavy Metalcore band that wears their influences on their sleeves. And in the vocalist’s case, on his ears. Holy mother of Jehova, those gauges! But that’s besides the point, they’re good at what they do, and that’s good enough for many. I hope to see them break free from the Melodeath Riff-Breakdown-Thrashy Circle Pit Bit-Breakdown formula in the future. They started out as a Metallica/Lamb of God/Killswitch Engage cover band, so yes, you can already guess how it may sound. *AhemGodForbidAhem*

And Why Is This A Track Review?

Because I can’t be fucked to go for the whole EP right now. Not due to time constraints, I’m just a bastard. So let’s dig in.

One good sign is that I haven’t felt an urge to rip my ears off when the video starts. I almost expected another By-The-Book Melodeath band due to the pretty little riffs and a guy who seems to be in a bit of a bind. *Insert laugh track*. Instead however, we’re greeted with shouts and some chugs. Nice lil’ curveball there. The fast-ish parts with the rather standard fare Melodic Death Metal riffs remind me a bit of Sylosis, so not bad, and the breakdowns, guitar tone, and song structure reminds me of many bands of their type, so I’ll go with the Australian Metalcore band Daysend.

Overall not a bad song, but I can’t help but feel like it should have been a minute or so longer. The condensed nature of the track packed some punch, yes, but it’s the same punch that Metalcore has been giving for the last few years. Since this is the single, I’ll hold out hope for the rest of the EP to add a bit more spice.

Now let’s talk about the video, and for added inconvenience, I’ll make it a breakdown of sorts.

00:12 Had too much to drink… never touching Everclear again.


00:40 AAAAAAH!!! A FACE!

00:49 Nice gardening skills there bud!

01:13 Wash your hands before getting your supper!

01:37 A little time in prison ages the best of us.

01:47 Checkmate!

01:58 “Mother Nature, a beautiful force?” The only nature I’ve seen was the roses, and the crazy convict/barfighter that seems to be growing them!

2:40 Hah! Take that for… winning at chess! I guess he was a bad guy, he was frowning the entire video.

2:50 AH! I didn’t do anything in this video but look sketchy, yet Nature hates me!

3:14 Noo! My evil plaaaaaaans! Ruined by vines!

3:24 I’m operating under the assumption that nature killed those guys and freed the one tied up.

So the point Amongst Carrion is making here is that Mother Nature will fuck you up if you even dare to lock up some innocent guy. I think. Music videos stopped making sense sometime in the 90s.

The Verdict

They’re good, just need something to separate themselves from the Metalcore pack. If this song is any indication of their potential, then they should work at the next release a bit more. And consider steering clear of flower beds. If they had been around when I was 15, I’d have loved it, but at the wizened year of 19, I’ll say it’s pretty okay. With a name like Amongst Carrion, I expected them to play something more br00tal, but I’m finding myself glad they don’t. Here’s to hoping this pony has a few more tricks!



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