From Ashes, Review

If you all missed me, rest assured, I haven’t lost my golden quill. Figuratively speaking. I’ve just been bummed that my computer doesn’t work right now, so sad. Without further ado, here’s some reviews to make up for lost time. Some of them will be short, so fuck off, poser.

Tile & Host @ The Democracy Center

Opening this was Trash Pile from New Joisey, and the undisputed kings of their self-proclaimed Moron Boogie tag. It’s essentially a mix of garage rock infused Punk, with plenty of groove for all you morons. I did not regret seeing them.

Next were HedgeFund from Somerville, MA, which is full of dopey people, as I found in the course of an hour once, but that’s a story for another blog entirely. So, these guys play old-school-ish Hardcore Punk but with a twist: reverb-laced vocals that hearken to Black Metal like er… DarkThrone and stuff? Name a BM band, but DarkThrone comes to mind because their singer has a DT patch. Blame it. I got a shirt of theirs for 4 bucks, seeing as they’ll be going on a brief hiatus while their drummer gets their shit together. Go see them, stomp back and forth, it’s fun.

Following those weirdos were BearTrap, everyone’s favourite Grind/Powerviolence/Fastcore hatemongers from Providence/Stoughton, because they’re the only PV/Grind/Fastcore band with members from Providence and Stoughton I can think of, thus eliminating any and all potential competitors.

Taking a lot of cues from contemporary and old-school fastcore bands alike, minus constipated vocals, their songs come and go before you have time to process the rhythm and nod accordingly. So much for pathos. If you plan to mosh to BearTrap, decide quickly and be ready to adjust on a dime, because the longest and most straightforward song they played was a cover. What of? I don’t know, but Tom Draize made a pit cameo, so it must have been a good band.

Host play Metallic Hardcore in the vein of Early Graves, Trap Them, and Gaza, though it leans more towards the lattermost. The vocalist went harder than the crowd, which is a sure sign that this band is legit pissed. They’ll be playing with Ghostlimb tomorrow, so come rage. The previous statement is baldfacedly assuming you’ll read this tonight, but I live in the present, and am too stubborn to account for the confusion this causes for future generations. They’ve done a split with post-rock band KYOTY (who are fantastic, by the way), which I’m guessing must be for the bipolar.

The weirdest band on the line-up award goes to Tile due to the fact that they play what I call “Dronecore”, though this band was more on the drone side. My pinky toe twitches in pain from thinking about them, since their vocalist/bassist said that one of their songs is about tying an enemy’s pinky toe to a bunk bed and watching it snap off when they jump off, unaware that they’re in no position to make so typical a decision. Ow ow ow.

A Pre-Apocalypse DIY Punk Show with Opposition Rising

Plenty of shenanigans to be had. What is it about free shows that makes fat guys wanna fight with Mexican dudes that are rockin’ pigtails, or claim every young handsome Black man as their son and express a desire to adopt them? Here’s the actual review.

Tensor play Punk Rock. They’re also nice guys. Can’t describe much further than that, sorry. After some non-descript pogo/circle fodder came War of Words, who I can only describe as a band undergoing an identity crisis, and a case of monogrammed bass drum heads. They played good music, but it seemed that musically they had listened to a lot of Face To Face, both the punk and alternative eras, liked it very much, but couldn’t decide which they preferred, and mixed songs that were both punk and alt. rock leaning. Stick to one, please, but otherwise keep up the good work, lads.

I get suspicious when I see a band that has even one member wearing the liberty spikes. Call me a damned fool, but a big green mohawk sets off red flags of “Uh oh, another brain dead Street Punk band whose songs are all about getting drunk and pogo’ing”. Luckily this wasn’t the case with Connecticut’s Drug Shock, who are actually a damn fine band leaning on the faster side of old-school Hardcore Punk.

I found great relief in the sparing use of “oi”, which is just comical no matter how you dice it, but they made up for it with a good live show and a shirt with one of Mickey Mouse’s ears replaced by an enclosed A.

Providence, R.I.’s Reason To Fight are a self-proclaimed “working class Hardcore” band, which immediately brought to mind a harder version of massively quotable Oi drunkards (that aren’t actually from the mean and dirty darks of Edinborough but sound convincingly like it) Yellow Stitches. Instead, the listener was met with a tuffer brand of Hardcore in the vein of Hatebreed, which makes sense since they lay claim to having one of the founding guitarists of said band.

It’s music that doesn’t make you think, but it does inspire you to drink and fight, which is a merit on its own. They covered what I believe was 7 Seconds, but whatever it was fell flat on most of the crowd, which is atypical of how us Bostonians go nutso at the word “cover” even if we don’t know what it’s of. Shucks.

Headlining this shitshow of spilled beer and threadbare minds was the mighty Opposition Rising, who’ve been making some waves since their formation in 2010 and debut in 2011.


One could say they blew up pretty fast, having made buddies with In Defence during one fateful weekend, going on tour not too long after. Blending old-school Hardcore, a good amount of skank-friendly Punk, and some jolly good hatred towards everyone and everything that was once provided by the frontman’s old band Toxic Narcotic. I’m sure you’ve got the lowdown, and their songs bounce around your head daily, particularly the bloody black comedy of “Pink Slip Murder-Suicide”, so I’ll save you the trouble of my rambling for now because I’ve got too much on my e-journalist plate as is.


2 responses to “From Ashes, Review

  1. Host rules! Good dudes too! They and KYOTY go together extremely well I think. Different styles to be sure but somehow they go together like pb&j!

  2. Hey everyone what’s up it’s Sunday and we’re ready to hit the streets. I’m here to tell you about OS76, an up and coming Prog Rock Metal band out of Portsmouth, Va. If your into metal or the sounds of Tool, In Flames, Soilwork, Thrice, The Deftones, Born of Osiris etc.. then check out OS76

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