Sick-Fuckin’-Show. Suffer On Acid at The Box Fort

This is it, this is as far back as I shall go. I’ve real things to move on to.

Opening this show was Islam85, and their drummer fuckin’ hates me. Ask me to tell you the story in full, it’s hilarious.


 Islam85 are a band that can only be described as a hodgepodge of Slam Death Metal, Grindcore, and Powerviolence, though the latter two certainly take priority in this sonic stew of hatred. Two vocalist, a guitarist, and a drummer = Ya fuckin’ head split. It’s angry and prefers the firing squad than costly prisons.

Ultra//Negative, everyone’s favourite Namshaw Powerviolence band, was up to take the er… stage. If you can call it that.


Ultra//Negative lives up to their name lyrically and musically, and it’s only right, seeing as they have Jan of Ramlord fame(?) on guitar and backing vocal duties. It’s nihilistic, bleak, heavy, and kinda angry.

Not being causing pit ruckus isn’t an option once the riffs cascade in followed by armoured drums and abraisive vocals that could tear the skin off a rhinocerous. Marvelous, a celebration of Hardcore Punk energy and despicable misanthropy. I can’t say much about the actual set as it happened, because it was a blur of legs, fists, and 40 oz. bottles. Sorry.

New Jersey’s Budd Dwyer came roaring in after, fresh off a Metal Thursday at Ralph’s. Just a few more months until I can go to one, but that’s entirely useless information for you.


Mixing together a little bit of Powerviolence, Thrash Metal, and offal-soaked Grindcore, Budd Dwyer are of course quite an extreme band. It has also come to my attention that it’s hard to upload good pictures on these library computers. I hate my life.

Anyhow, go check them out, you’ll be a fan if you’re into short and angry songs by two-man outings. Efficient and deadly, like a punk ninja.

Next up were INTHESHIT, Boston’s Grind juggernauts that know how to bring the ruckus.

It was around this time that the pit began to get rather skeezy and more violent than it should have. Sure, INTHESHIT play chaotic Grindcore, and do have a song called “Mosh On Your Grave”, but man, boxing matches.

These boxing matches continued on through Suffer On Acid‘s set, creating many negi vibes.


Suffering was the game. Many incurred fists and elbows to the head and face, to varying degrees of severity. Luckily no show-stoppers or nosebleeds, but SoA brings out one’s inner warrior like you wouldn’t believe. They combine “Fastcore”, Thrash Metal blitzkrieg guitarwork, old fashioned Hardcore beats, and punishing breakdowns to get those arms swingin’. Watch your face.

Alright, this is it. Now to move on to more current events. I’ve dragged the water long enough, now allow me to quit this sordid train of thought before I retrograde to bellbottoms.


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