Ramlord – Crippled Minds, Sundered Wisdom: A Sordid Revue

If you’ve ever read more than 10 posts on this goddam wordpress thing I refuse to use the “b” word for, then you already know who Ramlord is, you God-fearing sheep. It’s high time you introduced your soul to them for blackening if you haven’t already.

You may have thought I was kidding with that whole business in the opening statements, but I’m really not gonna go over their specs again, since I’ve done it already countless times. I won’t even tell you where they’re from (hint: It’s Hell), so suck it, man. It’s not important, but the music is.

Ramlord, since their inception in 2011, haven’t quit exciting depressed and depressed-leaning people worldwide with their ethereal yet uncompromisingly heavy take on Blackened Crusty Sludgy D-Beat Stenchviolence. It’s brutal, though not in the sense of slamdance ignancy in the pit. It’s brutal in terms of being trapped in an ice cave where the only exit is a glazed shaft that is impossible to climb with human hands, stark naked, covered in cuts and sores encrusted with frozen blood and pus, awaiting your slow and agonized death by passing out of existence as your internal organs freeze and shut down. It’s nihilistic, bleak, and fucked up on heroin in a blizzard with only a sparsely studded denim vest and not even a threadbare blanket to its name. And it’s very good.

Right from the opening of “Nihil Fucking Lifeblood”, which wastes no time in getting started with a chord progression that’s at once beautiful and melodic, yet thrives on the energy from interruption by heavy chugs. It flawlessly creates the atmosphere of hopelessness and misanthropy that the band has perfected since their debut Stench of Fallacy, and builds off of their 10-minute epic, “Affliction Of Clairvoyance” from a split with Texan icemongers Cara Neir. There are few, if any pauses in the beating the band gives in their surprisingly melodic attack. “Weakness” opens with freezing tremolo and blasting that is sure to appease Black Metallers who believe they aren’t Black enough, and throws in a tunefully constructed punk groove at the end for all of those who revel in filth and mid-tempos, with this track being followed by three songs under a minute long but just as punchy as any of their longer cuts. The only real gripe (should one even want to call it that) I have with this release is that the closer, “Extinction Of Clairvoyance”, is not quite as massive and catchy as “Affliction”, but I’m really hopping that the psychic madness does not cease, because it’s looking to be a great saga of depression and brooding hatred that I can’t get enough of in my already broken mind. It doesn’t care if it’s catchy, and for that I respect it.

I could go track-by-track, but it would just devolve into me saying “Damn, this breakdown’s heavy as fuck” or “This song makes me want to stab myself in the heart with a hypodermic needle full of grade A dope in the best way possible”, so I won’t, just know that there isn’t a bad track or moment on it. Listen for yourself and write your own damn review if you’re unsatisfied with this one, poser.

The whole album doesn’t let up, musically or lyrically from the themes of addiction, death, and hate. The themes are superbly handled by this most malodorous power trio. Vocals that sound like galeforce winds reborn with a throat full of ashes, rumbling bass that serves to accent the sublime audio crystalline daggers created by the not-too-intricate yet not-too-simple guitar work, and drumming that keeps the pace at wolves’ pace. There’s equal part beauty and horror in death and despair, as exemplified by music of this type. Read the lyrics and get sad that you’re not this creative, or something.

10 No Gods/Masters out of 10

For fans of: Ilsa, DarkThrone, Buzzov*en, Deviated Instinct, Welkin Dusk


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