Fizzle presents: Anti-Islamic Black Metal and a report on the disturbing trend of Pizza Thrash

I’d like y’all to give a right’n’rowdy welcome to a new guest contributor, Nick, who chose the alias Fizzle, in case someone puts a fatwa on his head and kills him with a pipin’ hot pizza. He’s written a couple of short (and by short, I mean short) pieces because hey, he’s a nice guy like that and would like to share. Of course, I’ll make it a discussion, all scholarly like. You will learn something, maybe.

Anti Islamic black metal


F: In Black metal there is a huge rise in the scene with a Anti-Islamic message. Even in highly populated Muslim countries.

T: Indeed, the goal; to piss everyone off until they find you and megakill you.

F: Bands like Seeds of ibilis, Janaza , and تدنيس (tad-nees) are the driving force of this new trend of black metal attacking Islam.

T: With killer logos to boot. Melechesh is just gonna look like a group of twats in comparison.

F: Even in those countries where there are Islamic extremists you got to have balls to attack a religion like that especially in the Middle East; they would kill you there.

T: Sent to the graveyard and removed from play steaze. Yu-Gi-Oh! references aren’t cool, I know.

F: I personally am glad someone is still using shock factor but honestly in this day in age nothing is shocking.


Couldn’t resist.

F: Plus the music they are making is fucking killer. It evokes emotion and pissing people off. I love it and hope they keep the black metal scene alive.

T: Ist krieg, shall never die, etc. Jam on my bruthas.

Pizza Thrash

F: Pizza thrash- is a new trend popping up (or at least of what I am now noticing) it is the type of kids that go to the show/concert already drunk!

T: Hey man, with the price of beer at shows and bars, I don’t blame them for a lil’ pre-game.

F: And they are wicked obnoxious talking about bro things like sports and picking up chicks at the concert like seriously I just wanna see some good live performance not be fucking annoyed by babbling retards.

T: You’d be amazed at the play these guys get. It’s like swaggots got ahold of a few Hirax records.

F: They also love Monster; they may even being wearing clothing appeal that has the logo on it.

T: The way some kids think nowadays, they probably think it’s a band. It’s like the Misfits effect in reverse.

F: And they usually wear those stupid snap backs with the flat rim top.

T: Get bent takes on new meaning.

F: They fucking love to crash a good time and probably play beer pong with and play Madden football games.

T: In their defence, while drunk, I bet Madden would be fucken hilarious. Sober, I’d sooner have a hysterectomy.

F: They’re the type of kids that makes me not wanna be part of the same fucking music scene. Usually the rich spoiled kid in white suburbs thinking they’re hardcore and brutal.



That was fun, let’s do this again sometime.


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