Technique is everything. Iron Lung @ The Cambridge Elk’s Lodge

Two guys make more noise than your band of 3+ people. You should be ashamed, world. Indeed, Iron Lung’s an efficient powerhouse bent on ruining your preconceived ideas of melody and music in general, but they’re not doing it alone. Observe.

Local noisemakers The Combat Zone opened, and they bring an old school 80s HC vibe that’s certainly not offensive to the ear. While they’re certainly not bringing much new to the table, you’re not wishing they would wrap it up after a song or two. If they’re playing a show, you can mosh, it’s fine. For y’all that dig Bloodkrow Butcher.

Following were our favourite metal maniaxxx in Ramming Speed, who fully intend to rock your socks, if you wear those things.

To say that Ramming Speed get amped about their live show would be the understatement of the year. These guys bounce about like loose atomic particles, and when they collide, they blow up and stuff. But instead of creating black holes or destroying all nearby, they only make more energy to feed all of the other particles involved in the quantum orgy of circlepittery. It’s pretty cool, guy. I’ve already written about Ramming Speed several times so I can’t really say much different from usual, except that vocalist Pete introduced a song by saying it’s about getting your “face blown off by a nuclear warfare(sic)”. I think he was wastoid on the celluloid.

Next up, and considerably less silly, was Dreamdecay (I think), and they’re fucken weird. Imagine Hardcore made for people who like World/New Age, and you’ll be close.

Loud, rumbling drones, Indie-leanings that hearken to Sonic Youth (or something else. I’m ignorant, see), and generally not what you’d expect a punk band to sound like, but at the same time you can get down in the pit during crucial moments. It’s unique, and being signed to Iron Lung’s own eponymous label, there is certainly good to be found in fitful nocturnal travel.

Mysterious hometown heroes Mind Eraser don’t play very often, but when they do, you better duck.

Alternating between snail’s bace breakdowns awash in syrupy distortion and blasting grind, Mind Eraser take the two extremes of powerviolence and seamlessly meld them into a pot labelled “Yer done”.  It’s not to be fucked with in the pit, because you will catch a chop to the collarbone. I can’t say much about their musical output since I haven’t listened to much, but Cave is a sweet slab of violence and hatred for your fellow human, so go check that at the very least. For people that wish that Weekend Nachos listened to more Eyehategod.

Iron Lung, known equally for their surgically executed musical output and drummer/vocalist Jensen Ward’s sardonic yet lighthearted quips between songs, up and murdered all that came before with a steaze that you just can’t fuck with.

Armed with the heavier-than-thou atmospheres that make Swans what they are, in addition to the unforgiving powerviolence sounds championed by Infest and Capitalist Casualties, Iron Lung’s sound is the best of both worlds. If you’re in it for blasturbation, plenty you will get. If you’re into the slow, doomy breakdowns, you’ll be much appeased. If you’re an ignant tuff guy, you may want to leave, because they have brains.

That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t mosh it up, because by all means, tear it up if you’re not a total pussy. The pit churned, yes, and I’m pretty sure one odd character of a woman that probably followed Iron Lung out of Seattle was not missing that tooth prior to the set. Whether or not that was my fault is up to speculation. In the meantime, I’m glad the golden gods allowed me to witness the two-man wrecking crew pre-MDF, because lord knows I won’t get that same privilege in the balmy climes of Baltimore. Tear.