Fuck it. Rotten Sound at the Cambridge Elk’s Lodge.

I know this is long long overdue but fuck it, that’s my philosophy.

Local crust/d-beat/black metal/Motorhead worship heroes in Panzerbastard are still alive, and this news makes me very happy. I thought they had parted ways to form other bands like Dick Move and Fresh Kill, but they have recently reformed like a very-hard-to-kill-monster and are bringing back the biker bad boy appeal to the Massachusetts Metal/Hardcore scene. So good news, everyone. Sadly I missed Hivesmasher, Soul Remnants, and Boxcutter Facelift, but that’s what happens when there’s shit to be done before a show (which I forgot because it was so long ago, ugh).

Anyhow, Rotten Sound, Finland’s coldest in blastbeaten debauchery have graced this little hole in the floor despite it being almost literally a hole in the floor with couches, brick walls, and a roof. And I’m not so sure if any of these things would survive a powerpacked fist from yours truly unrestrained. I don’t much remember the setlist, but a few cuts from the newest opus, Species At War, were certainly recognisable. On the meantime I was hunting for moments where I could make like a crazed troubadore and recite poetry. With my fists. Of lyrical love.

All was going well until the owner of the venue shouted clandestinely over Kaijo’s declaration of three more bombardments, “You got one more!”. Taking this with a grain of salt, he pressed on with the speed of a tank made of orichalcum, and met a wall made of er… more orichalcum, because the owner of this venue is an idiot. The residents of Central Square will sleep over some faint rumblings in the distance. Believe you, me, I’ve slept through gunshots, sirens, and cats fighting in my back “yard”. Honestly, you think the whiteys in privileged Cambridge can’t deal with a little bit of bass in their foundations?

Before this turns into a rant against idiots (and you don’t want to get started on that nut), I’ll just cap it off by saying that Rotten Sound did well, and I’m looking forward to my next adventure in losing my fuckin’ mind. Onward.


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