My men in MyManMike

We have reached a truly special moment in my history, where I not only am NOT posting about a show, but am also not bitching about something stupidly for the first time in ages. I’m enjoying this turnaround I’ve made, with minimal effort.

Hailing from South Korea, a country not widely known for its surprisingly large extreme music community,  MyManMike describe their style as Grindcore/Thrashcore/Powerviolence. Despite these tags often meaning “next to unlistenable unless you’re the right type of brain damaged like most punk/hardcore listeners”, it’s got a modern sheen and production that could be likened to bands in the vein of crossover goofs like In Defence; it’s clear, yet maintains enough rawness to fly the DIY flag and thus still be “punk”.

For starters, they’re catchy as fuck. “Inside Outside USA” for instance, after an almost obligatory anti-government sample, kicks into full gear and wastes no time with a beat that would get kids moving side to side almost by spiritual compulsion rather than voluntarily wanting to move. Generally, being an album of this type, a lot of the songs are going to blend together, so it’d be foolish to go about a track-by-track review for a 10 song release of rapid punches to the head, the longest being just under two and 3/4 minutes long.

I can say, however, that MyManMike shows a lot of promise, and it’d be highly recommended for anyone into ACxDC, Birth A.D., Fuck On The Beach, Charles Bronson, and Extortion.  If retarded vocals that alternate between yelped highs and strained lows, occasional chunky breakdowns, mile-a-second blasts, thrash metal-tinged tempos, and generally having fun and not taking yourself too seriously is your bag, maybe you’ll be into it. Which everyone with any sense is, so go on, take a listen. You shouldn’t regret it.


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